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Daily Astrology


Luxuriate— It is a luxury to spend a morning for yourself. You might put your tax papers in order or go to the gym, but focus on the foundational elements that allow your life to hum. Too often the everyday tasks get lost in the quest for the big picture demands. Or...

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Slow Climb

Slow Climb— When you feel the push, the best course is to continue to let it unfold. The amount of effort to hold back something that gathers momentum is not worth it. Whatever strong force you experience, identify if it’s passion or resistance. Sometimes when faced...

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Hard Work, Ease of Flow

Hard Work, Ease of Flow — Even though you may have a boatload of work to do today, it moves with the current. You connect to the right people, even if it wasn't who was intended. Those who are willing to move with the machinery allow the process to happen. If someone...

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It Has to Be Said

It Has to Be Said — A message with impact is delivered; if something must be said, give thought to how but don’t hold back. The trick is to be clear on what is the essence of the thought. Half-delivered or cloaked communication causes more trouble than a direct...

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Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark— The Dark of Moon period can be confusing; some people can feel low energy. The antidote is to focus on things that you want to finish up, shelve for another year or completely discontinue. The idea is to drill down to a clean slate so that when...

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Under the Surface

Under the Surface— Yesterday’s energy continues. Morning may be a bit rough, especially if there’s someone with whom you disagree. Get the fire out in a healthy way— exercise or walk. Make those deep connections, even if there is something different about your...

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Inspiration abounds

Inspiration abounds— Inspiration abounds; you can either pin it down or watch it ricochet. With all the noise and distractions available in our technological world, sometimes we really need to deep dive into quiet reflection. Creative energy explodes when you let...

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Black Friday

Black Friday— It’s time to turn around the definition of Black Friday; it no longer works as it did for shopping. I say this as a former store-owner, although mine was not a big-box and therefor never a magnet for traditional holiday madness. As our economy shifts...

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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day— For a long time I’ve wanted to make my Thanksgiving reflective and with loving community. But I’ve spent many years as the primary caretaker for older people in my life, and with that came an adherence to some tradition. This year it is just my...

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