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Elemental Change Retreat, April 7-9, 2017

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Nothing is as Sure as Change

Nothing is as Sure as Change — "Nothing is as Sure as Change": this was one of my father's (many) bromides. He would intone the phrase as though it were a mantra and yet my father was not a man who rushed into change. He liked what he knew, consistency with family,...

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The Moon in Scorpio

The Moon in Scorpio — When the Moon is in Scorpio, it is not a day like any other — unless you are the kind of person who lives with intensity. Conversations probe, poke or divulge. Some people may go too far and others dive deep. Unless you are willing or have the...

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Solar Eclipse, Pisces New Moon 2017

The February 26, 2017 eclipse occurs at 9:58 AM ET at 8°12" Pisces. This New Moon offers the chance to massage the message*; Pisces communicates on channels other than simply verbal. Although there may be an assertive thrust that seems to declare one thing, another...

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Lunar Eclipse, Leo Full Moon 2017

Lunar Eclipse, Leo Full Moon 2017 The Full Moon is exact at 7:33 PM ET. The internet has been buzzing about this, magnifying that it's a "Snow Moon" (the traditional name for a Full Moon in February in the northern hemisphere). Although this may not be much of an...

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Fear vs Love

Fear vs Love — I get a lot of notes from people asking what is ahead. Many people feel out of control and question when this upset is going to end. The problem with our society is more dimensional than a simple "reboot" to go back to a more "normal" existence. What...

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The Power of Intuition

The Power of Intuition — We are continually bombarded with information, spin and subliminal messages. More than ever, I am aware of each individual's responsibility for mental, emotional and spiritual hygiene. As I write this, I've just closed the door to mute the...

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Venus in Aries & Moon in Taurus

Venus in Aries & Moon in Taurus — Venus, the planet that symbolizes the goddess of love, beauty and abundance has moved into the sign of Aries. Aries is the sign linked to Mars, the god of war and desire. Venus in Aries is hot, spontaneous and assertive. The hot...

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February 2017 Forecast

FEBRUARY 2017 Forecast- all times ET— LUNATIONS & Celestial Events The Leo Full Moon occurs at 7:33 PM ET at 22° Leo 28” on February 10. It is a Lunar Eclipse. The Pisces New Moon on February 26 is a Solar Eclipse. The degree of this New Moon is 8° Pisces 12” and...

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Slow and Steady Motion

Slow and Steady Motion — Today holds the thrust of last week’s New Moon. You can apply and sustain whatever project or goal you set. The momentum is still strong to make it happen and get it in motion. Regardless of the weather, beauty can be seen in nature and light....

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