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Daily Astrology

Let Go or Get Dragged

Let Go or Get Dragged — This phrase is a modern translation of a Zen proverb, brought to my attention by friend and web guru Suzanne Bird-Harris. It reminds us that we have control even when we think we don’t, because we can control our thoughts. Why the Wonder Woman...

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An Emotional Tsunami

An Emotional Tsunami — A Mars/Saturn picture in the sky indicates frustration. Sisyphus pushing that rock uphill. Stuck; intractable. Exercise helps. There are a couple of ways to use today’s energy effectively. One way is you enjoy the company you are with and seek a...

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Relationships are Work

Relationships are Work — When the Moon is in Libra, those who are inclined to compromise, converse and connect, do. Even those who usually growl or ignore the presence of others, may feel a tug in the direction of connection. Yet these days, to do so is not easy or...

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On Your Two Feet

On Your Two Feet — Connect to those who get it; cleave from those who don't. It doesn't have to be hard, but it does have to be done. Depending on your orientation, it can be difficult to step away from old relationships. Just because you love, respect, value or have...

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Make the Illusion Your Reality

Make the Illusion Your Reality — As difficult as your dream may be today, if you keep pushing towards it, some give does occur. With all the negative spin I read and hear, regardless of the side of the fence you straddle, I have to come back to Love. It's not only how...

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Tick Tock Precision

Tick Tock Precision — When the Moon is in Virgo there is a strong desire to do, and a great deal can be done. You may find that duty or obligations fill most of the day. Yet you may experience a longing for creativity or escape; figure out a way to incorporate...

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Reflect, Renew and Regenerate

Reflect, Renew and Regenerate — Some days are made to delve deep into the creative well and this is one of them. Put yourself in an environment where you can absorb and reflect the beauty and stimuli around you. Find a museum to explore or a lovely wooded trail. Spend...

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A Bright Idea

A Bright Idea — This is actually a sunny day, regardless of weather. Connect with good people; even if remotely. Tremendous productivity can happen. This can be work-related, creative or recreation. You would have to make an effort to be idle, because life captivates....

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Cancer Full Moon 2017

Cancer Full Moon 2017 — The emotional scale of this Full Moon is quite high. There is a wild card element to it and the sense that anything goes. This means that the investment someone has in the outcome of a proposal or project is a bit all or nothing. No risk is too...

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