Taurus New Moon 2017 Forecast

Taurus New Moon 2017 Forecast — Every New Moon offers an opportunity for fresh perspective. In the middle of spring, we can have tremendous focus to push a desire and accomplish. Look here for general New Moon practice. For the upcoming Taurus New Moon, you can...

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How to Handle Change with Grace

What to Expect Over the Next 6 Months & Ways to Handle Change with Grace A friend suggested I supply a forecast that helps people cope with the tumultuous time that we are in... so here's my umbrella for the next several months — Review Where to Create Change-...

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Libra Full Moon 2017

Libra Full Moon 2017 — The Libra Full Moon is lit by the Aries Sun, to symbolize the importance of individual expression within a relationship. Regardless of the kind of relationship - business, romantic or friendship - it blooms when it's a balance of equal give and...

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Where are the Daily Astrology Posts?

Where, oh where are the Daily Astrology Posts?— Many of you have subscribed for the 10 years that I've written daily astrology posts. My father used to say "nothing is as sure as change". Yet even though I felt the momentum to write the posts changing, it took me...

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Saturn Retrograde: Last Dance in Sagittarius

Saturn Retrograde: Last Dance in Sagittarius — The planet Saturn turns retrograde April 6, 2017, which means from our perspective it appears to move backwards. The Ancients saw the planet Saturn as border patrol of the Solar System. To their eyes it was the farthest...

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Aries New Moon 2017

Aries New Moon 2017 — Every New Moon offers a New Beginning, but the Aries New Moon ramps up the fresh start initiative.  The traditional practice of New Moon ritual can be found here Aries is the first sign of the zodiacal wheel - which made perfect sense to the...

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Spring Equinox 2017 / Aries Ingress

Spring Equinox 2017 / Aries Ingress — When the Sun enters Aries at 0° at the Spring Equinox, it kicks off the New Zodiacal Year, which for astrologers, is the true New Year. Because the Sun is in direct relation to the Earth's axis at the Aries Ingress, this is the...

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Venus Retrograde March 4 – April 15, 2017

When Venus is Retrograde... Many people are familiar with Mercury Retrograde which happens 3-4 times a year, yet the planets that retrograde less often can have deeper impact. Retrograde periods trigger unconscious awareness, which certainly can be uncomfortable for...

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Big Out-of-the-Blue Distractions

Big Out-of-the-Blue Distractions — I pulled up to departures at JFK and scanned the area for my brother. He was supposed to meet me as I handed off my mother for a flight to Florida. No brother, but the ding of a text came through. Yet it wasn't him, but the airline...

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Nothing is as Sure as Change

Nothing is as Sure as Change — "Nothing is as Sure as Change": this was one of my father's (many) bromides. He would intone the phrase as though it were a mantra and yet my father was not a man who rushed into change. He liked what he knew, consistency with family,...

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