Spring Equinox 2017 / Aries Ingress

Spring Equinox 2017 / Aries Ingress — When the Sun enters Aries at 0° at the Spring Equinox, it kicks off the New Zodiacal Year, which for astrologers, is the true New Year. Because the Sun is in direct relation to the Earth's axis at the Aries Ingress, this is the...

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Venus Retrograde March 4 – April 15, 2017

When Venus is Retrograde... Many people are familiar with Mercury Retrograde which happens 3-4 times a year, yet the planets that retrograde less often can have deeper impact. Retrograde periods trigger unconscious awareness, which certainly can be uncomfortable for...

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Big Out-of-the-Blue Distractions

Big Out-of-the-Blue Distractions — I pulled up to departures at JFK and scanned the area for my brother. He was supposed to meet me as I handed off my mother for a flight to Florida. No brother, but the ding of a text came through. Yet it wasn't him, but the airline...

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Nothing is as Sure as Change

Nothing is as Sure as Change — "Nothing is as Sure as Change": this was one of my father's (many) bromides. He would intone the phrase as though it were a mantra and yet my father was not a man who rushed into change. He liked what he knew, consistency with family,...

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Elemental Changes: Myers-Briggs, Astrology

Elemental Changes — The four elements, Earth, air, fire and water provide a foundation for Jungian psychology which led to Myers-Briggs types. When you explore these four ancient elements experientially, you can develop a greater self-awareness and ability to be...

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Spiritual, Not Religious

"Spiritual, Not Religious" — This phrase Spiritual But Not Religious SBNR began to take firm root in the collective psyche at the turn of this century. It was coined by author Sven Erlandson in 2000 while Pluto was in Sagittarius. Pluto, god of Death and...

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Ivanka Trump Astrology

Ivanka Trump Astrology "Like Father, Like Daughter" — The birth time of Ivanka Trump is not public knowledge, and since she's a Scorpio, it will probably never be revealed by her. Scorpios can be extremely magnetic and yet exude mystery. With Mars in Virgo, Ivanka...

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The Moon in Scorpio

The Moon in Scorpio — When the Moon is in Scorpio, it is not a day like any other — unless you are the kind of person who lives with intensity. Conversations probe, poke or divulge. Some people may go too far and others dive deep. Unless you are willing or have the...

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Steve Bannon – Where is the Light?

Steve Bannon – Where is the Light? Astrologers love to get the birth information of people they meet, know or who are in the news. It gives us a window into that person's makeup, and yes, a deep dive into who they are. This can be incredibly useful, but also a bit of...

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Solar Eclipse, Pisces New Moon 2017

The February 26, 2017 eclipse occurs at 9:58 AM ET at 8°12" Pisces. This New Moon offers the chance to massage the message*; Pisces communicates on channels other than simply verbal. Although there may be an assertive thrust that seems to declare one thing, another...

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