Private Consultations

Pamela presently sees clients in person
in Hartsdale or at Wainwright House in Rye, NY.

Telephone sessions and/or recordings are available for astrology/tarot.

What if you don’t have your exact time of birth? How can you get it, or what does that mean in the session?


In-Person Consultations

Pamela will meet with you in person in Hartsdale, NYC or at Wainright House in Rye. She will confirm date, time and location upon receipt of your payment below.

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Phone Consultations

phonePamela will meet with you by phone. She will confirm date, time and number to dial upon receipt of your payment below.

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Chart Your Course To Propel Your Business

Take the right actions at the right time. Go with the flow instead of working against it. Make the most of your efforts.

Find situations that support the actions you take on behalf of your business.

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New! Student Rates

student(Must be actively enrolled and financing a program for higher education – phone consultation only.)

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Tarot* is a visual tool that answers your questions with the likely outcome based on your mood at the time of the session. You can take that information and mold it to realize the vision or change directions. Sessions are via phone, Skype, Hartsdale NY office or Wainwright House by appointment.


Exclusively Tarot



*Tarot services are entertainment only, as specified by NY State law