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Jupiter in Sagittarius and My Sign

Jupiter in Sagittarius and You — November 8, 2018 through December 2, 2019 The sign of Sagittarius wants to reach for the wider world and explore. Sagittarius loves to sell a concept, which may or may not be viable. Jupiter in Sagittarius can be an exhilarating ride,...

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New Moon in Pisces 2019

The 2019 New Moon in Pisces on March 6 at 11:04 AM ET has a depth specific to the last sign on the zodiacal wheel. It expands the void to allow more possibilities. Perhaps we are at a point of exhaustion — the endless cycle of negative spin on the news, the repetition...

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To Vote as an Act of Love: Astrology and Election Day 2018

To Vote as an Act of Love Voting as a right and a privilege becomes exponentially effective when delivered as an act of love. This Election Day is particularly charged with Venus Retrograde - what do we value and why? What do we really value and why? As I write this,...

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A Tarot Initiation

In spring 2018, I taught a course on deep understanding and self-awareness through the Tarot. I will teach it again but I needed to put some space in between the work — here is why. In short time I realized that my teaching rebooted my own Tarot journey experience....

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Libra New Moon 2018 — Re-imagine Venus

Venus Retrograde begins on October 5 at 3:05 PM ET and runs through November 16, 2018. When Venus is retrograde, we go deeper into the mirror — not to study physical flaws or contemplate a makeover, but rather go below the surface. Venus Retrograde happens about every...

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Re-imagining Venus

Reimagining Venus On October 5 the planet Venus goes Retrograde. Usually with Venus Retrograde, an astrologer suggests caution in investments and to avoid a makeover or major design purchases. Old lovers and friends may resurface. Venus Retrograde is an excellent time...

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Venus and Blasey Ford

In the Shadow of Venus Retrograde 2018 We are in the shadow of the upcoming Venus Retrograde; this means that Venus will backtrack over her present path in the next couple of months. Venus is the planet named after the goddess of love and beauty. Like all the planets,...

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Blood Moon, Feeling Eclipsed? Grab the Light!

Eclipses They always travel in pairs and sometimes there's a triangulation... 3 eclipses in a row. Triangles always increase the drama. That's one of the things this summer of 2018 has for us. Since Mars the planet that symbolizes movement is retrograde, we may feel...

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Gemini New Moon 2018

Gemini New Moon 2018 The New Moon on 6/13/2018 at 3:43 PM ET set for Washington DC creates a specific tone for this lunar cycle...  With this New Moon I hear Yo-Yo Ma*. All New Moons have their own resonance, along with the vibratory pitch of welcoming a fresh start....

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