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2018: Forecast & Insight

2018: Forecast, Predictions & Insight

Stoke The Fire

Weekly Astrology forecasts from Pamela Cucinell, with meditations from Suzy Meszoly, Master Healer.

Astrology Insight

Blood Moon, Feeling Eclipsed? Grab the Light!

Eclipses They always travel in pairs and sometimes there's a triangulation... 3 eclipses in a row. Triangles always increase the drama. That's one of the things this summer of 2018 has for us. Since Mars the planet that symbolizes movement is retrograde, we may feel...

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Gemini New Moon 2018

Gemini New Moon 2018 The New Moon on 6/13/2018 at 3:43 PM ET set for Washington DC creates a specific tone for this lunar cycle...  With this New Moon I hear Yo-Yo Ma*. All New Moons have their own resonance, along with the vibratory pitch of welcoming a fresh start....

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Astrology of the Singapore Summit Signing

Singapore Summit and the Dark of Moon The summit between President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un began at the dark of moon. The date was auspicious for clearing away old grievances and to set the stage for new beginnings. The Moon in Taurus sailed towards a...

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Uranus in Taurus: Let’s Get Personal

Uranus travels in Taurus from 5/5/2018 thru 4/26/2026 Let’s get personal; what does it mean for your sign? Read both the forecast for your Sun sign and Rising Sign/Ascendant. The accuracy of these forecasts depend on your time of birth — but can be helpful as...

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Uranus in Taurus — Everything Must Change

Uranus in Taurus — Everything Must Change... The last day of Uranus in Aries; tumult, upset, shock, aggression, surprise attack, total upset, everyday a new turn. Uranus will retrograde back into Aries on the day of the U.S. midterm elections, but that’s another...

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Mercury Retrograde Revisited

Mercury Retrograde has a reputation, which is not 100% accurate. Communications, connections, transit and electronics are all subject to detours and mishaps... but the big message is the RE-. Anything that benefits from reflection and reconsideration is up for review....

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Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse 2018 Astrology

The 2/15 eclipse is personal if you’ve a planet or point around that degree. The eclipse occurs at 4:05 PM ET at 27° Aquarius 8". If you know the area of life triggered by Aquarius in your horoscope, that too may be of note. Pay attention to what happens; sometimes a...

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2018 Overview: Astrology Forecast, Predictions & Insight

Astrologers track the heavens to get a sense of what’s ahead. I supply you with accurate information, then it’s up to you what to do with it. There is a limitation to this information — certain things are going to happen. But free will determines that it is up to you...

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End of January 2018 Astrology Forecast

January 2018 has 2 supermoons, one fell on January 1st and the other on the 31st. A supermoon means the moon is at its closest point to the Earth (perigree) and therefor will be huge - if it is a Full Moon and a clear night. Of particular note is the 1/31 Full Moon...

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