red_and_blue_flame11:11 2016 Inner Flame of Creative Drive

Sometimes we move with great speed towards a goal or direction because we feel we must. A job has to get finished, a race won, an achievement crossed off a list or a fear faced.

To take action is what gets things done, so when you do, you take charge. To take action also allows you to feel empowered.

But at times the action taken falls short. Something is missing. You may feel as though you are thwarted or the timing is off. Perhaps someone or something bars your ability to move ahead.

Sometimes we react strongly when things don’t go as planned or in flow because the action of today triggers a past frustration or scenario of struggle.

The ideal is to feel good in the heart of movement and to trust that you can adapt whenever the unexpected occurs. When you feel the fire of desire, go with it.

Protect it from judgment or other people’s opinion of what they want you to do. Desire is certainly sexual energy, which means that sometimes a partner is a miss. This happens of course, when someone doesn’t feel what you do.

But desire is also a creative drive that thrives on courage. So if your enamored does not share your passion, channel that energy into another form of expression.

When you allow yourself to feed your inner flame of creative drive, it can lead you to wonderfully unexpected places.

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