Gulf sunsetForecast 11/20

Not everyone is at ease when the moon is in Pisces, when flow and intuition rule.

Some people find it difficult to pin, like attempting to catch a fish with their hands.

Yet hunches can be right on the money. Financial discussions and research may be intense today but extremely valuable. If you need to overhaul bookkeeping or find discrepancies, this may be the day.

Take a break if you feel overwhelmed. Common attitudes about money cement relationships, so thorny topics with your business partner or spouse lead to firmer foundations.

A Venus/Pluto picture in the sky indicates the possibility of a magnetic attraction; this might be a person, but can also be another obsession. If you find yourself locked in an enticement, enjoy!

If however, you feel swept into a power struggle that is all about control, it might be time to look for the exit. Easier said then done, but ask yourself: am I in control of myself in this situation?

Do I need to control the outcome to feel happy, powerful or effective?

Does someone demand something of me that feels bad?

What would happen if I simply allowed myself to simply be?

If possible, find a quiet space in your mind to breathe in love and breathe out peace. Do this until you feel the sense of knowing and love sweep over you.

Or put on music that takes you to another place, dance, go swimming, do yoga, meditate. Perfect night for a spiritual intensive of any shape or form.

This can be an evening of sublime tranquility and creative flow, but only if you can allow any feelings of stress, control, power or manipulation to move through and subside.