dozenForecast 11/28

When the moon is in the sign of Cancer, emotions may be heightened— especially for those with a good deal of water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) in their horoscope.

Cancer is the sign indicative of roots, family and the home, so there may be a focus on this area of life.

The moon will pass through geometric configurations with Pluto and then Uranus as the day goes on. Mid-afternoon the face-off with Pluto can stir up power struggles and/or confrontations.  This can bring up an unconscious struggle; it’s worth a look as to what gets you angry, frustrated or motivated towards a compulsive behavior this afternoon (if that occurs).

It may not happen to you directly, but you are the witness to someone else’s reaction. Objectivity can help, depending on how you approach it. Compassion goes a long way, if not in the moment, in retrospect.

This evening, sudden mishaps or a surprise can turn around plans. Be prepared for quick responses. A restorative meal in a comfortable environment soothes. Save any important conversations or new projects for another day. Best to appreciate the familiar and keep it simple.

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