rapidsDivination 12/8

The Scorpio Moon embodies the phrase: “still waters run deep”, but today expect turbulance.

If you’ve a powerful mandate or intention, it may well develop a life of its own. Be clear on what you want; a planned day brings high productivity.

Start the day with positive thoughts., because everything magnifies.

Morning brings powerful alliances. Let the structure of your plans have some give, because flexibility embraces invention.

Expect the unexpected, especially in the afternoon when a mishap or surprise shifts routine. A Sun/Uranus picture in the sky shines on brilliant invention, the unique human spirit and s strong need for individual expression within the collective.

Ideally, this stimulates inspiration, when you are in a supportive environment.. Regardless, if you’ve lost your anchor, find a quiet place to get your “sea legs’”.

The outcome may be rosier than you initially think; change can be a gift. Put an intention under your pillow and sleep on it.

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