Mariana- John Everett Millais

Mariana- John Everett Millais

Divination: Astrology 12/10/15

This period before the New Moon is referred to as the Dark of Moon. It is a perfect time to see where you are at and plan where you’d like to go— to find out more about the Dark of Moon… 

The Sagittarius Moon encourages exuberance, which this morning may be at odds with a sense of defeat. For example, someone can love the holidays but have suffered a loss or setback. Or a conflict may occur when excessive righteousness seems to overwhelm one’s spirit.

These feelings do pass and benefit from meditation and/or a walk in nature. You might also avoid listening/watching the news and give your soul a detox from the empty rhetoric. Don’t worry, it’ll be there when you’re ready to watch/listen again.

By mid-morning, a strong sense of responsibility can direct your focus. Much is accomplished when you choose where to put your efforts and stick with it.

This evening’s Mars/Uranus picture in the sky, demands that you be present and alert when you drive, move about or get into a discussion. There is the possibility of a surprise or unexpected event, so the more you pay attention, the greater your ability to spin it in a good way.

Venus approaches a picture with Neptune after midnight into the next morning, so you may experience the sensation of viewing something through rose-colored glass.