astrology_sagittarius moonDivination: Astrology 12/11/15

Today’s Sagittarius New Moon occurs at 5:29 AM ET. By late morning when the moon goes void-of-course/VOC* at 11:06 AM, you find out what I mean about overwhelm, if you’ve not yet experienced it. The antidote is simple yet complicated; make a choice!

Because Mercury in Capricorn is not making any strong geometric picture with any other planet, it may be challenging to get your message out. You may experience a delay or not find the right words- stay with the intention because in time you will find your way. Be sure to enjoy your surroundings and the people you encounter; you don’t always have to know what to say, often listening is far more valuable.

Since Sagittarius can overwhelm a bit with all the options out there, it’s worth prioritizing—

List of 3 intentions for the New Moon-
1. something you can easily accomplish (but perhaps keep putting off- like catching up with a friend, laundry or taxes)
2. another that you’re in the middle of and want to cover ground on (a health routine, project or taxes)
3. and the third can be a bit of a stretch (travel destination, take concrete steps to bring in a new relationship or a new job or perhaps, finish your taxes?) You may not be able to do more than plan a bit on the third thing or simply dream, but it still matters to write it down.

You can have more things on your “to do” list, but only choose 3 for your New Moon power goals. By winnowing down the list you make achievement possible. To accomplish goals builds confidence.

After the New Moon occurs, jot down your wishes- convention states 10 wishes, more is too much and less may limit potential.

For the complete write-up on this Sagittarius New Moon…

Join me tonight at Wainwright House for in-depth exploration about this Sagittarius New Moon and a deep guided meditation with a gathering of like-minded seekers. For more information and/or to register

— the complete reminder of how to make intention at a New Moon

For those who can’t attend, the Sagittarius New Moon Meditation

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