jw waterhouseDivination: Astrology 12/17/15 

The Pisces Moon indicates that it is important to step up to responsibilities and put those pieces in place before you get to the juicy stuff.

A Venus/Pluto picture pre-dawn stirs up longing for intensity, which may involve a partner, an object of affection or a creative goal. This may be fleeting or drive your entire day.

It can be tremendously valuable to channel the desire into a set vision. The more narrow the focus, the greater the potential for results, especially short-term.

Be shrewd about any investment, make sure that the ROI benefits all involved for follow through. Communication from the heart aligns in the early morning; powerful messages transmit after noon, whether verbally or through other means.

Alliances gel, at least for a time. Take advantage and act when the mood supports this. This works best for the moment, because anything with a longer run may get further scrutiny going forward.

An evening of reflection, relaxation and music soothes.

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