yellow brick roadDivination: Astrology 12/19/15

The Aries Moon suggests that you may bolt out of bed as though a switch got turned “on”. Those with a good deal of air and fire signs in the natal horoscope may feel particularly stoked.

A Mercury/Pluto picture mid-afternoon symbolizes that the ability to get to under the surface of any conversation. This either happens from asking the right questions or to a willingness to listen between the lines.

Excellent for working through important contracts and commitments.

Be aware that somebody may choose to lock horns or test for power. Not everyone can be the leader, but there’s a difference between rolling over and coming to terms.

Negotiations can be tough and communications bump along in the early evening. Pay attention to the journey, even when it looks like you might lose the thread that ties it together.

If you feel disengaged, keep on the path whether through blind faith or dogged determination.

Later in the evening, a message, insight or surprise may change the entire agenda. This may upset some or even cause someone to walk away. Those who stick to the vision come out intact.

You alone know whether your heart is in it.

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