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Winter Solstice Astrology 12/21/15

The Taurus Moon shines over this year’s Winter Solstice.

In the Northern Hemisphere, this shortest day of the year reminds us of that the light soon begins to linger longer. Light signifies consciousness and as the Sun enters Capricorn we begin a cycle that brings attention to the concrete.

Over the next couple of weeks, growing awareness of your goal helps to position it for success. Part of the ability to actualize this entails a willingness to release attachment to preconceptions.

The unfolding requires a release from the past; not today, but in time. Plan your intentions for the growing light.

Morning meditation/reflection sweetens the tone. A realization of a prior commitment or responsibility may present itself around noon.

Move towards powerful alliances and your own sense of capability. A willingness to enter the dark allows the light. Even a simple ritual of lighting a candle helps focus.

Enjoy an evening of good tastes and warmth.

winter solstice 2015The exact moment of the Solstice is 11:48 PM, when the Sun enters 0° Capricorn. Trust the light returns and be grateful for its promise. As the light returns, may you gather the support you need for success.

Revelations come in mid-January to light the path.

With the solstice chart set for Washington DC, Jupiter, the Great Benefic, rises in a Grand Trine with the Taurus Moon and Mercury. Although aggressive confrontations continue, grounded and thoughtful communications provide a foundation for flow and global evolution. This is not just in U.S. negotiations and politics, but can hold for individuals as well.

May the Force be with you!

Holiday Gratitude Special Extended– many people like a New Year session but are busy with the season’s activities… therefor, I extend the Solstice specials to give you the support for 2016 that you may want. Blessings!

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