winter-full moonChristmas Full Moon 12/25/15

Santa Claus and his reindeer may be easy to spot this Christmas, with the bright full moon. The Moon enters Cancer at 12:27 AM. The Cancer Full Moon occurs at 6:12 AM ET.

Full moons encourage integration, although at times we may be more struck by the contrast of opposites. In the case of a Cancer Full Moon, you may experience demands at work that challenge your desire for family.

On the other hand, how comfortable you are with your family/home may be at odds with your heartfelt goals. This can be witnessed in the “child” whose parents don’t understand or value his/her vocation.

Another point of tension may occur if someone is out of work or unable to find meaningful work. Depending on the balance with homelife or the sense of fulfillment in spite of the job, the Full Moon may trigger some high emotion.

This particular New Moon is lit by the Capricorn Sun- so your conscious expression in work “lights” your emotional need to come home. The thing to keep in mind if you find yourself swirling in big emotions, is to make an honest evaluation of what bubbles under the surface.

In spite of any tension, wonderful overtures of love can be made. It takes courage to face uncomfortable feelings or to speak with candor, but it has the potential to create deep and delicious bonds.

A Mercury/Jupiter picture midday indicates that wondrous stories are shared; exaggeration may be part of the charm. If you enjoy festivities, do your part to take responsibility; moderation and safety matter.

Tom-JerryThe Sabian Symbol for the degree of the Cancer Moon is “A Cat Arguing With A Mouse”. This image conjures the absurd, especially for those who recall the Tom & Jerry cartoons.

The clever mouse dodges capture and sometimes even forges an alliance with the cat.

The concept of a cat arguing with a mouse is illogical; you’d think the predator simply stalks and captures. But to argue elevates the mouse from prey to equal.

So if old stories threaten to trip up your equilibrium this Christmas Day, you might challenge their veracity. Just because a cat and mouse have a “story”, doesn’t mean it can’t be spun and turned on its head.

canoe_waterThe Sabian Symbol for the degree of the Capricorn Sun is “A Group Of People Outfitting A Large Canoe At The Start Of A Journey By Water”. This is a rather profound symbol for an awakening. The group and size of the vessel suggests that everyone is on board for the transformation.

Water symbolizes feelings and the universal unconscious that connects us all. This indicates that integration is at hand to feel more aligned with family and work. If not everything seems exactly as you’d like it, put all the things in your “canoe” that you want to keep. Then start the conversation about what you’d like to bring to the surface. If you do feel everything is right on track, then please count those blessings!

Uranus goes direct at 10:53 PM ET. If you are out at that hour, pay attention to people who make sudden movements as well as ice and other natural phenomena. When Uranus changes direction, expect a surprise; it may not be a major disruption.

How much the Uranus Direct gets your attention has a lot to do with if it triggers something on your birth chart. Often we witness something in the world news which has to do with an earth occurrence or unexpected event.

When Uranus is Direct, the surprises are usually not quite as extreme as when retrograde.

christmasFor those who celebrate it, may your Christmas be merry.

Whatever your plans, may you receive loving kindness from family, friends and whomever you meet. Blessings, light & love.

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