dance-stepsDivination: Astrology 12/27/15

The Leo Moon sweeps in at 5:31 AM and may ignite an urge to play. This can be a fun time as long as the stakes are kept low.

Let the common denominator be to experience joy and all is well. If drama or ego ramps up, you may want to take 5.

Otherwise some hurt feelings seem to come out of nowhere. The ideal is to keep the focus on how one can help. Service and volunteering can put things in perspective. Music soothes and may refresh the spirit.

With so many big emotions sweeping through the last few days, there might be a need to release. Dancing, games or just being silly may be the antidote. If you enjoy some form of creative expression, find an outlet.

Sometimes, no matter how much you love the people in your life, the need for self-care requires some quiet.

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