newmoon copyCapricorn New Moon 1/9/16

The Capricorn New Moon occurs at 8:30 PM at 19°13” Capricorn.

A Capricorn New Moon stimulates new beginnings in the specific areas of career, personal authority, business, branding, concrete goals and relationship with father/ authority figures and/or employers.

This year, there is potential for confrontations, demands and/or upsets because the Moon makes geometric pictures with Pluto and then Uranus as she sails through the sky. Pluto symbolizes irrevocable transformation and power. Uranus signifies change, freedom and even chaos.

When the Capricorn Moon is engaged with those two planets, it tends to trigger emotional investment. Are you on board with Change or are you digging your heals in the ground?

Find trusted allies with whom to communicate. Even if your goal or perspective differ, exploring alternatives leads to solid ground.

The potential for opportunity and to get your message out is limitless for those willing to start the hard conversations. The most resistance may occur before late afternoon.

Evening enjoyment crackles when you surround yourself with like minds. If you’ve been meaning to have a targeted conversation with a sibling or neighbor, now may be a very productive time. Correspondence is also favored for success.

540px-Paradiso_Canto_31-by-G.-Dore-wikipedia-public-domainThe Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is “A hidden choir singing”. This image speaks to the heart of the message: voices in harmony are heard without sight of the actual physical source. Often when relationships challenge, we cannot see any common ground; we may not even want to imagine any exists. This happens when communication is historically toxic.

Yet all of us spring from Divine Love, which (let’s face it) can be an effort to acknowledge with certain individuals. Within each of us springs the Source. Whatever the challenge, picture Divine Love within the person with whom you need to relate. Breathe!

In your mind’s eye, pour loving light around this person. This is simple when we love the other, almost impossible when we have difficult history. No matter what our goal in relating, the overriding undertone of Love can be the ultimate motivator. Do your best, and then take the dive. The results can be more satisfying than not.

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The ritual of an abundance check can help to channel that desire to “do something” at the New Moon- For abundance check information…

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