parachutersAstrology 2/3/16

Because of the firery influence of the Sagittarius Moon, early risers may experience a power surge.

It’s valuable to tap into the energetic heat as it arises. It may blow with anger, passion or intensity; the more conscious you are of where it initiates, the better the handle on the outcome.

Obviously, anger is best tempered, passion directed and intensity? — It depends!

Agreements made midday are concrete although perhaps, restrictive. Only agree to what you can handle, because some agreements may bind.

This is terrific for something that you want to steadily build with the right partner(s), but don’t limit your options or you might be stuck. Take on only the responsibilities that make sense for your ability to succeed.

Too many obligations can fry even those who accept a lot by nature. Regardless, you may feel somewhat limited and a lack of support. This is a passing sensation.

New ideas and unexpected events may shake, rattle and roll— keep the ideas flowing. Capture anything tantalizing or of interest for a later date.

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