deer12/2/2015 Astrology Forecast

The moon enters Virgo at 5:09 AM. Start your day with a clear idea of how you’d like to be of service.

This might benefit someone else in your life or be a volunteer effort.

It might however, be a service that YOU would be make you the beneficiary. That can involve focus on your health, finances or create a routine that increases productivity.

Now is the time to go over the details of your goals; for instance, is the vessel seaworthy for the journey? Go over the plan, top to bottom and identify who/what is needed to make it fly.

Much can be accomplished, but if you’ve avoided the piece that does require attention, confusion may cloud the evening, It takes a lot of effort to overlook, suppress or delay something that merits awareness.

Meditation or an outdoor walk helps lift the fog; alcohol exacerbates it. Face whatever nags at you to be addressed.

If you can’t get to it tonight, prioritize it for tomorrow. Anything that happens tomorrow enjoys tremendous promise.

Wind down the evening with a strong plan for tomorrow’s activities and get a good night’s rest.

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