shamrocksMARCH 2016 Astrology Forecast– all times ET:

This is the Season of Eclipse! The Pisces New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse is at 18°Pisces 56” and occurs on March 8 at 8:54 PM ET.

The Libra Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse. It’s degree is 3° Libra 17”and occurs on March 23 at 8:01 AM ET.
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Jupiter is in Virgo through early September 2016. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and expansion. It is retrograde the entire month of March.  To read the complete forecast for this cycle

Saturn in Sagittarius goes retrograde on March 25. Because the retrograde happens right after the second eclipse in March, big structural shifts may happen. Read more about this on the daily posts for March 23 & 25. Saturn symbolizes discipline, responsibility, limits and fears in legal matters, higher education, travel and publishing. If you want to know more or how this may affect you-

Moon Void-of-Course: Because Saturn and the outer planets are in relatively low-degree of the signs through which they are traveling, we continue to have some very long void-of-course moon periods. This occurs when during the course of the moon’s movement through the 30 degrees of a sign, it passes the point where it no longer makes a geometric picture with any other planet — until the next sign. Since the moon symbolizes emotional attachment, the void-of-course creates a nebulous period for decisions. For Moon VOC (void of course) Defined-

All times are for Eastern Time ET- to adjust a time for your zone