bullAstrology Taurus New Moon MAY 6 2016 

On May 6 enjoy a meditative morning. Observe beauty around you and choose clothes that you love to wear.

Opportunity and good fortune is available for those who pay attention and are not distracted by worry or the past. The Taurus New Moon at 3:29 PM ET is 16° Taurus 41”.  For general guidelines about how to make the most of any New Moon

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Enchanted Tarot – Zerner

Enchanted Tarot - Zerner

Enchanted Tarot – Zerner

The Sabian Symbol  for the degree of this Taurus New Moon is “A symbolic battle between the swords and the torches”.

Since I look at the symbolic context of EVERYTHING in life especially a Sabian Symbol, the adjective symbolic seems at first blush— superfluous.

However, it is not.

The word symbolic indicates that the battle will not result in actual bloodshed or casualties. Therefore it indicates a battle of concepts and ideals.

Swords and torches are two suits in a tarot deck.  A torch is used in the same way as a wand is used in tarot decks.

Torches represent passion, exuberance, creativity, action and the spark that ignites a movement. Swords represent intellect, verbal communication, insight, justice and the ability to cut through rhetoric and make a decision. Often these two “camps” must thrash out differences to come to agreement.

So the Sabian Symbol for this Taurus New Moon points to the value of clear, effective, courageous discussion.

Yet the planet Mercury is presently retrograde in Taurus. This drives home the tremendous value in thoughtful exchange. If appropriate, cook a meal with someone with whom you need to create a greater bond. Don’t labor on the issue, prepare food instead.

The torch lights with heating the food and swords are essential to chop and slice. The act of coming together for a meal creates community; this works well with family and friends.

If instead there is a business relationship that requires “cooking” you may share a meal and focus on common ground or concepts; do not go into details that can upset the appetite!

stewOr you may simply cook by yourself or with those you love, and make it a meditation. This can open up the space required to maximize the potential of the New Moon, even though you may not know why this moment.

In other words, you don’t have to be in direct exchange with the people who are involved in a difficult passage, but use the act of cooking to create a consolidation of ingredients.

In this way, cooking can be a sacred act. The Taurus New Moon reminds you to value your body, taste the moment and savor the present as the gift it is. This is a superpowered New Moon of manifestation, so define what you want and say it aloud if only to the mirror. If you don’t know what you want, make your wish: ‘let me get clear on what I want’.

Chase worry from your mind and exercise patience while it unfolds.

The moon goes void-of-course/VOC* at 10:10 PM ET

The ritual of an abundance check can help to channel that desire to “do something” at the New Moon- For abundance check information…

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Taurus, relaxation is demanded. You can try to accomplish a big task, but that couch looks awfully inviting. Give in and let yourself enjoy a leisurely lunch and your productivity will increase afterwards. Financial matters may want consideration, but chew over them carefully rather than bite down conclusively on any one offering. More about the Moon VOC

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