autumn-leavesDancing in the Dark

The Dark of Moon period can be confusing; some people can feel low energy.

The antidote is to focus on things that you want to finish up, shelve for another year or completely discontinue. The idea is to drill down to a clean slate so that when tomorrow’s New Moon comes in you are set to take off in another direction.

So you choose what’s on it’s way out, what are you going to continue and what needs to get less attention.

Hope and enthusiasm increases in the PM, so snatch the exuberance if it comes your way. If not, you can design your own hot air balloon (or whatever takes your fancy).

Just because you may not have an “automatic response” as to where to direct your energy, does not mean that it does not already have a glow. Give it time, give it oxygen and give thanks.

Last New Moon Gathering of the year at Wainwright House— November 29, 2016