Let Go or Get Dragged

This phrase is a modern translation of a Zen proverb, brought to my attention by friend and web guru Suzanne Bird-Harris.

It reminds us that we have control even when we think we don’t, because we can control our thoughts.

Why the Wonder Woman image?

Wonder Woman was created in the early 1940s by a psychologist, who drew his inspiration from early feminists. She initially fought the WWII military of Germany, Japan and Italy.

Wonder Woman had tremendous survival skills, as well as gifts from the gods. She could free herself from bondage and relied on focus and prayer. In astrology “the gods” are representative of parts of you. Greater self-awareness allows us to know when to release attachment.

Meditation is a discipline that teaches (among other things) how to suspend attachment to thought. When we work the meditation muscle regularly, we can “recycle” the thoughts that were one way and no longer feel beaten down, victimized or thwarted.

It takes practice, and these days most people cope with continual opportunities to recycle preconceived notions.

When the Moon is in Scorpio the intensity meter goes up; for some people this feels dynamic and powerful. Others seek a harbor.

The Women’s March in DC began as a Facebook page in reaction to Trump’s win of the US presidency.

There are now over 600 sister marches scheduled as people worldwide support issues that respect human beings.

If you participate, surround yourself in a bubble of pink love and project it out to all around you.

If someone you love is going and you are worried— your job is to surround that person in light and love and banish the worry.

The last thing you want to do is magnify the fear vibration. Fear is being stoked because when people are afraid, they tow the line.

Yet the phoenix rises from the ashes of the old order. In spite of seemingly strong efforts to pat the ashes back into the old frame, it cannot hold. In the fledgling 2000s millennium, we create collaboration of community in tandem with celebration of the individual.

Whether or not you participate in the Women’s March, take initiative today. Wherever you focus your efforts glides with unstoppable momentum.

That’s why it’s so important to choose your arrow with care and be prepared to accept any consequences for your actions. When properly executed, transformation is possible.

Do things that make you feel dynamic, active and strong. Take some quiet time in the evening to regenerate.