Jupiter Direct, Sagittarius Full Moon —

I don’t know about you, but when Jupiter appears to freeze in the sky before it changes direction (a.k.a. “station”), I don’t know which way to turn.

Jupiter offers choices, opportunities or possible overwhelm; there’s a buzz when it stations. You may run in place and experience a stop/start sensation. Tempers may be short.

The good news is that should end as Jupiter goes Direct 10:04 AM ET on June 9, 2017. It may not happen immediately, but those of you who have been feeling held back or thwarted may sense a lightness. Jupiter Direct indicates more ease in real estate and general financial dealings as well as movement in litigation and global relations.

The Sagittarius Full Moon is exact at 9:10 AM ET

Tonight’s Full Moon can look particularly delicious and full of promise. For those willing to take responsibility, make a commitment and act decisively, that promise becomes reality. If you’ve been trying to resolve a problem or make a choice, tonight’s the night to put the wish under your pillow and let the moonbeams seed your dreams.

As the Gemini Sun lights up the Sagittarius Moon, we flood information to the part of us that seeks wisdom, justice and truth. Too much information gets in the way. Let your feet find a nature path and your eyes seek the sky. Trust that you have the data you need, now is the time to let the inspiration play.

The news continues to present a dramatic mirror of the celestial movements. On the brink of Jupiter Direct and the Sagittarius Full Moon, James Comey delivered his Senate testimony.

Of interest is that Comey’s Sun in Sagittarius is going through the transit of Saturn and Donald Trump also has a transit from Saturn. The President’s Moon (how he creates security, comfort and home) is being hit by Saturn.

Saturn projects a sense of limitation when we go through a transit. In the case of Comey it’s his Sun — the Sun wants to shine. Yet he’s been fired from his job and the FBI was also tarnished in the reasons for the firing.

Since Trump’s Moon and Comey’s Sun are at the same point, I do think the president was initially impressed with Comey and did want him on his team. Whatever comes of this, the two men became personally affected by the transit because Saturn demands integrity, responsibility and accountability. It also brings up fear, because fear is the ultimate limitation-maker.

The president was born at the full moon of Sagittarius, so his feelings are HUGE at this time. His impulse may be to share them with us as Jupiter goes direct — Twitter may seduce as the energy shifts.

Regardless, it seems inevitable that the Saturn transit of both men will be intertwined until it passes. Look for more action in early July and October.


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