Astrologers track the heavens to get a sense of what’s ahead. I supply you with accurate information, then it’s up to you what to do with it. There is a limitation to this information — certain things are going to happen.

But free will determines that it is up to you to decide how you are going to react to it.

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In our highly technological world, the ancient art of astrology has even more relevance. Why?

Astrology reminds us that when we look to the heavens, we admit our relationship here on Earth is part of a greater cosmos.

Believe it or not, today many people don’t know when the moon is new or full. This may not seem to matter to them, but they miss a bio-logical cycle that can provide them with greater success. When humans lose their touch with the connection to the natural world, they have lost their way. Navigators used to rely only on the stars to track a course. Now if technology went down, could they find their way home? Could they even see the stars with increasing light pollution?

In the 20th century, the psychologist Carl Jung opened the concept of astrology, tarot and other forms of metaphysics as doorways for psychological understanding. The tool of astrology can support your personal journey in comprehensive ways — yes, psychological, but perhaps more important, through spiritual evolution that allows you to make the most of your emotional, physical, financial and personal destiny.

In our busy world, self-reflection often takes a back seat – even when you’d like to take time for it. Even now, you may glance at your phone or messages when they pop up. You might want to turn off your phone as you read this or listen to the video. Ask yourself, “how often do I turn off potential distractions from what I want to give myself?”

It takes self-respect to turn off the phone and to shut down the mind. You may say, but my job/ family / responsibilities need me to be on call 24/7! There certainly are times when that is true — sick children or loved ones, deadlines, etc. But most phones allow “do not disturb” options that weed out the unnecessary. Give yourself regular gifts of silence and reflection — this is essential for spiritual hygiene.

When I forecast the future, I provide the energetic weather. You can hear my weekly forecasts on my youtube channel, or get a subscription from…. the program that supplies comprehensive insight every week.

This series of posts or link to the video if you prefer  provide the big movements in 2018 and my predictions for what may happen depending on choices.

Ancient people made prophesy from continual observance of the stars and nature. Technology allows us to know where the stars and planets are, even though in many parts of the world we can no longer see them. Our need for continual light has obfuscated our physical ability to see the stars. In the natural world, birds and animals are confused and natural migratory patterns are changing with excessive light. As I lead you through 2018 and light your awareness, I also encourage you to find some darkness that heals, restores and regenerates you.

As a modern astrologer, I know that the planets, stars and eclipses do not cause occurrences here on Earth. Yet for those who study and interpret their symbolic messages, they indicate what can and will happen to a country, individual or business. With that information beforehand, one can choose to act in the best way possible. Why would anyone ignore a warning or not take advantage of an auspicious moment?

In Western Astrology, 2018 becomes a year dominant in the elements of earth and water. After the wild ride of the Fire Rooster, the year of the Earth Dog which starts on February 16, continues to bring in themes of the steadfast hunt. Loyalty, focus, responsibility and integrity reap rewards.

In order to do justice to 2018, allow me a little set up as to what has come before, thus creating our present. Because of the positions of planets in the sky and triggers from eclipses, there are multiple indications of dramatic movement as we continue to process the effects of the great Uranus-Pluto square of 2008-2012.

These slow-moving planets symbolize profound and long-term consequences. To explain, Uranus symbolizes revolution, change and freedom; it has been in the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiacal wheel. By itself, it suggests blazing a new cycle without concerns of the past.

Yet because Uranus and Pluto, the symbol of death and irrevocable transformation, were in a geometric picture of tension, freedom does not come without deep unheaval. Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign that symbolizes the status quo, corporations and institutions. The entrance of Uranus in Aries in 2011 brought Fukishima.

This was the first time Uranus in Aries has occurred in this 2nd millennium. The effects of its onset will be with us for its entire 84 year cycle and the decisions nations make globally have everything to do with what we can expect 84 years from now. That’s a concept to let you know the importance of what we do today, but for this talk I’ll be dealing with present concerns .

All around the globe, people looked for change in 2017, as systems no longer can maintain their prior power. The financial collapse of 2008 has never been properly addressed. Outworn methods to create wealth jerry rig economies to the tipping point of unsustainability. In the US, the new President Trump came in with a mandate to tear down old governmental systems.

Although this is what needs to happen, his present course of an oligarchy is not the solution. To replace those systems with a financial model that also has run its course won’t work either. And the USA cannot tolerate an oligarchy for long. Across the globe, old systems will continue to crumble, but some will hold fast which only increases their brittleness.

The Moon Sign of a country indicates its population as a whole. The US Moon is in Aquarius, which stresses individuality and humanitarian goals. This creates tension with the July 4th Sun in Cancer’s desire for comfort and security.

As much as one might long for a separatist nation, by nature the US cannot isolate itself. The position of the US Sun Sign in the 7th house of relationships, shows that it gains from its alliances and it asserts itself against its enemies.

In 2022 Pluto will return to its natal position in the USA horoscope for the first time. If you look through history, you will be hard put to find a modern nation that has held one governmental structure for that long— 246 years?

Whether we know this or not, the people of the USA are evaluating what needs to change as we experience some kind of revolution.

We know that one aspect of this began with the Women’s March that led to revelations for the #metoo movement, now morphing into #timesup.

Pluto transits take a long time to process. Pluto was discovered in 1930 as the forces that brought WWII gathered. Experimentations with nuclear power and the spread of psychoanalysis all indicate what Pluto represents. Every person has subconscious urges that can be instinctual and hard to fathom. We have to consciously work on self-awareness to overcome and surpass them.

In the US horoscope, Pluto shows that the great wealth of this nation comes from natural resources and in its ability to transform itself. Yet states have different views on the best use of their resources than the federal government dictates. Although states should have independent jurisdiction, this has become quite muddy as wealthy states’ taxes fund their poorer siblings. Of course, this perspective is viewed from the state one is in…. yet when the math is done, if a state has 10x the amount of residents as another state (or more), it clearly is putting in a lot more federal tax. Yet that kitty is shared by all.

The tax reform bill was signed on 12/22/2017, just after Saturn moved into Capricorn and right before Mercury went direct. At first I’d wondered if the President were consulting an astrologer because it was announced that he’d sign it after the Christmas break, when Mercury was direct. But he rushed the signing because the morning news sited concerns some people had that he wouldn’t make it good. President Trump is extremely reactive by what is said on the news, so the Tax Bill was signed with Mercury Retrograde, which seals the inevitable erosion of this hastily put together bill. Contracts made during the retrograde are always revisited and often regretted. I’ll provide Mercury retrograde periods later in the talk.

In my 2017 talk I spoke of the rise of the “Fabulous Feminine”, although I admit to being blown away by the impact of women this past year. By the phrase “fabulous feminine” I evoked the energetic vibration of the 2nd millennium that leads to collaborative alliances.

The more we work in tandem with other states, countries, partners and even perceived enemies, the greater our strength. This is true for an individual as well as a country.

Businesses need to shapeshift to be more employee-run, and give people a stake in the business. What 2017 showed us is that they also need to put women in top positions.

The “leader at the helm” model of the past millennium is something that no longer works, although it still hangs on. Most women work collaboratively and bring a different orientation to a work environment. Racial and gender prejudice, the deep distrust of education and elites are all Shadow manifestations that stem from generations of unhealed wounds from the unheard.

2017 brought backlash and suspicion of the Black Lives Matter movement, but #metoo stems from a similar root and will actually start to work in tandem with it. When the actress Alyssa Milano brought the phrase to Twitter, she later acknowledged she’d become aware that a black woman Tarana Burke began to use the phrase “Me Too” in 2006 to promote “empowerment through empathy”.

2018 is a numerological 11 year, which can also distill down to a 2. Both the 11 and the 2 teach that if we deepen divisions, we weaken our potential. We have to consciously work to listen and bring harmony. We have to allow intuition to bridge perceived chasms. The dissonance has become so loud that we can no longer ignore the clash. We can no longer fall for the illusion that our differences are greater than our connection to the Whole.

The 2 is the High Priestess in the tarot deck. She is the symbol of each person’s ability to access the waters of what Carl Jung called the Universal Unconscious. We have been in the turbulent waters of Fear and Lack.

A loud message to “tow the line”, “grab any port in a storm” has tried to supercede the intuitive message – if you experience Fear, if you experience Lack, dive deeper into the unconscious to uproot that limited belief. Once uprooted, you are liberated.

I believe it’s a privilege and responsibility to be alive and active at this pivotal time. what’s ahead in 2018?

One focus is on Saturn’s early moves through Capricorn, the sign it embraces until December 2020. Also of significance, Jupiter’s travel through Scorpio until November 2018 and it’s entry into Sagittarius. Eclipses, retrogrades and perhaps most pivotal: the onset of Uranus into Taurus. I will explain what this means and how these planetary passages have universal significance.

Each one of you will have a personal experience with the shifts, unique to you. For deeper information on how this affects you, I will suggest ways to work with me and know more. My heartfelt goal is to make your way a bit easier and to offer support through this terrific journey of Life. The more people who live with conscious awareness and a determination to create peace within themselves, the better for all of us.

I use and explore many different metaphysical languages and systems. Chinese astrology does not work in following all the planetary cycles, but it has a system that resonates and augments what we arrive at it western astrology. On February 16, 2018 we leave the Fire Rooster which has been a wake-up call in so many ways. We enter the Earth Dog year when loyalty, steadfast devotion and keen observation reap rewards.

2017 will be remembered for many things, including the year that the term “fake news” exploded.

With Saturn, the planet that symbolizes structure, limits, discipline and fear in the last degrees of Sagittarius, the sign of foreign lands, travel, higher education, legal matters, justice and the press, we saw how uncomfortable Saturn was in that sign.

What I mean by that is that Saturn wants to restrict, define and contain. Think of Saturn’s rings; it was the planet which appeared to be the border guard of the Solar System to the Ancients – occasionally they saw a wink from Uranus, but with no telescopes, Saturn seemed the limit.

The sign of Sagittarius wants to reach for the wider world and explore (what to Saturn) may feel like danger. Sagittarius loves to sell a concept, which may or may not be viable. As people in the US grappled with the idea of border walls, the price of education, charter schools, public schools and freedom of the press, the cost of healthcare and firearms, the shift of Jupiter into Scorpio in October stirred the pot deeper.

Why is that? Well, Sagittarius is the sign linked to the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System; its gravitational orbit sucks in asteroids that would otherwise crash on Earth. Jupiter represents the great benefic – luck, good fortune, opportunity and possibilities.

The sign that Jupiter is in has an effect on what goes on during Saturn’s stint in Sagittarius. In Libra, 2017 was a year of extreme polarization. Separate camps offered no negotiation or strategic avenues. Stark lines were drawn. Once Jupiter moved into Scorpio, the last couple of months of 2017 started to take on a different tone. We may not yet see that in our government systems, but you may notice shifts in your life.

Since Pluto (the outer planet linked to Scorpio) is in direct motion through late April, we can expect revelations. This is true regardless of where you are on the planet – how directly it involves you or your country depends on the natal horoscope. One constant in this fast-moving millennium is the reality that we each have an impact on one another, countries, neighbors and via social media.

As “fake news”, serious journalism and conspiracy theories duke it out, Jupiter in Scorpio indicates mysteries get solved or conversely some ramp up the intrigue.

Jupiter’s realm is the press, publications, higher education, religious institutions, relations with foreign countries and justice. With Jupiter in Scorpio, we can expect that our justice system and society dive deeper into the economics and power schism of sexuality.

Uranus was discovered as the American and French revolutions brewed at the dawn of what would become the Industrial Revolution. Uranus symbolizes chaos, change, freedom and upsets. Whatever sign it is in undergoes an explosion.

When Uranus entered Aries on March 11, 2011 an earthquake triggered a tsunami that unleased the contents of the Fukishima power plant into the ocean. Uranus had briefly entered Aries the prior year, but after its retrograde back into Pisces its return to Aries initiated a new world. Why? 0° Aries triggers the world axis; it begins a new cycle. In the case of Uranus, this is an 84 year cycke. Our oceans have been poisoned and our oceans connect us all.

Uranus in Aries has challenged the illusion of separation. What happens anywhere affects everyone on the planet. That’s why we will talk about ways to strengthen yourself spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically. Because we are all part of a whole. Disasters like Fukishima are extreme occurences to drive our global connection home so that we create a better world.

Even though it doesn’t look like that’s what the majority of people perceive, we have to begin within. We are influenced by corporate and government entities (which often are one and the same). Yet the planets indicate potential for change in these institutions. The change begins with each one of us. We all have the potential to tip the scales to positive change.

The sign of Aries has a two word signature, as do all the signs. For Aries those 2 words are “I am”. “I am” are the 2 words of the Old Testament to signify God. The great “I am”. Yahweh.

It is no mistake that we identify ourselves in this way: “I am Pamela” We are all one. We are all part of the God energy, Spirit, Universe, Cosmos, whatever word is comfortable for you. We connect to it through breath. A very simple meditation is to let your breath move like a gentle wave, recede and flow. While you breathe, use as a mantra: “I am _____ and I will”

One reason mythology still has relevance is that the gods and goddesses bring awareness to different aspects of the human psyche, Aries was the god of war and desire. Aries symbolizes the pioneer, the first foray and first response.

During this period of Uranus in Aries, “I am” saw the marketing of the selfie-stick, which quickly was discouraged in most venues since it could also be used as a weapon. Extreme desire and competition to create viral self-images may have reached its infantile apex. Yet the ability to use the selfie as a visual story-telling device or method to touch in a new way continues to evolve as has blogging.

As Uranus travels in the last degrees of Aries, the tension of separation has been extreme and volatile, especially at the end of Jupiter in Libra with the horror of the Las Vegas shooter.

But once Jupiter entered Scorpio, the voices of “me too” rose. “Me too” strikes a different chord of “I am” but springs from the same source. #metoo reminds us of our connectedness. #metoo unites rather than isolates.

And this message is not one that is simply for women, but for all victims made to feel shame or silenced.

For many of us, the #metoo hashtag was personal. It was because of my personal reaction to #metoo that I told my husband my experience of shame and self-loathing from my early 20s. Like so many others, those viral words erupted that buried memory that I no longer wanted to keep to myself. My husband listened with total understanding and was sympathetic, loyal and loving. I felt lighter.

I’ve no doubt that our conversation mirrored thousands of others, intimate and healing. So not only does #metoo at the end of Uranus in Aries connect and empower the victims, but it expands awareness to those who love and respect them. Now #metoo is morphing to the hashtag #itstime. Astrologically, it is.

The Fukishima disaster has long range reprecussions that through conscious work can mitigate the effects of poisoned waters. The #metoo movement is another great wave that can lead to the detoxification of power systems that poison potential.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, there is a need and willingness to dig deeper and surgically remove what does not belong. For business, healing, education, travel, finances and self-exploration, this is may be an excellent period to explore all sides of a puzzle, dilemma, proposition, enterprise or venture.

Jupiter goes retrograde on March 8 through July 10. The retrograde may seem to curtail obvious movement, but don’t be deceived; this is when the deepest depths are plumbed for hidden treasure or unimaginable truths. Yes things like the Russia investigation will probably seem to go underground for a time, but this is how the deep secrets get unearthed.

Taking Saturn in Capricorn in account, we may notice that the chaos that seemed so pervasive in 2017 starts to ebb. Saturn in the earth sign Capricorn values integrity, stability, consistency. In tandem with Jupiter in Scorpio, the sign of fixed water, a steady, unrelenting stream of consistent messages increase in value. Mixed signals start to coalesce and the messages, although not necessarily comfortable, go deep. Be aware of the danger of government wanting to shut down communications to instill safety. The demise of Net Neutrality is one indication of this possibility — look for moves that threatens Freedom of Speech.

An increased desire to deepen into spiritual and therapeutic pursuits continues to receive support from Neptune in Pisces. The more automatic a belief, the more subjected to exploration it becomes. Religious and educational institutions and will continue to erode when their foundations are built on an unsustainable premise. The US Prison Industry has resulted in sanctioned slavery. Pluto has been in Capricorn since the financial collapse in 2008, so with speculative Jupiter in Scorpio, anything not on the up and up may get exposed relatively quickly.

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