The Odd Couple

2nd Key to Make a Difference in 2017 —

first Key to Make a Difference…

Your second key to Make a Difference is found through partnerships with integrity that celebrate individual expression and work to create opportunity.

With Jupiter in Libra until October 10th, luck is in relationships. Jupiter indicates good fortune, expansion and emphasis. In Libra it vibrates towards alliances that enhance projects and your life.

Keep in mind that you’d like to Make a Difference, when you want to choose the right partners. Wherever the sign of Libra falls in your horoscope indicates an area of life that is strengthened through the partners you bring into it.

For instance, each house in the horoscope represents a certain area of life.

If Libra is in the 2nd house in your birth horoscope, your personal finances benefit from good advice or a helpful ally in 2017. If it fall in your 5th house, this is a highly creative time with possibilities for romance.

There are all kinds of relationships, and it’s valuable to decide what is your emphasis in 2017. Is it time to find an excellent physician, accountant or lawyer?

Does the relationship with your beloved require some growth? Do you seek an appropriate partner for your business?

Whatever the relationship, the essential ingredient is equality. Libra asks that each person bring their gift to the table and fulfill the other.

By doing so we become more of who we are through expansion in relationship. In this climate of divisiveness where people seem at odds with one another and truth eludes the conversation, Jupiter shines with a brightness of justice.

The year begins with it opposite to Uranus (the planet symbolizes chaos, revolution and change). Saturn is in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s natural sign.

Many people are afraid of what seems like capricious decisions of the new President. Because of how this configuration affects Trump’s personal horoscope, we see a dismantling of old ways and upsets. Yet accountability for his actions increases as the year unfolds.

Jupiter (symbolizes expansion) goes retrograde on February 6th. When a planet appears to move backward from Earth’s perspective, it indicates an internal process or delays in the areas of life symbolized by the planet.

Depending on your comfort zone, this can be a rich experience or frustrating at best. With Jupiter retrograde in Libra, go over any agreements with care. The retrograde continues until June 9th.

Trump has Jupiter in Libra (which buoyed him up through the election), but the retrograde may have a different effect on his success. It finally goes off his Jupiter in early August, which may be a robust time for him.

The long Jupiter Retrograde period challenges businesses involved in speculation, higher education, investment, global enterprise, legal, travel or publication. Traditional wisdom suggests that you avoid any kind of product launch and never open a new business during Jupiter retrograde— which is about 4 months!

Although it’s not ideal to put a house on the market, if you’re the one looking, you may find a good buy. March 4 through April 15 Venus goes retrograde as well — coupled with the Jupiter Retrograde, this is definitely the wrong time for any sort of financial endeavor. Spring 2017 will probably look very rocky with a pull back of speculation and optimism.

This is however, a terrific time to deepen into the right relationship. If you’ve been planning couple’s therapy or mediation for a partnership, this period can be very revelatory.

The strong Jupiter in Libra influence provides the element of air, which encourages discussion, equality and justice. It also celebrates harmony, but with Uranus in Aries, there is tremendous volatility.

This has an added stress of the position of Pluto. Positive outcomes occur when relationships respect individual power and accountability. In this case, great strides can be made. The negative occurs when one side refrains from transparency or demands autonomy when only collaborative effort can succeed.

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