A Breath of Fire

Mars enters Aries in the wee hours, so those with air or fire prevalent in their horoscope may wake up with a mandate.

This propels the momentum of the New Moon and the desire to do becomes a power to reckon with.

Choose your companions with care. You may want to be with people who are fired up, but not the ones who run with a half-cocked concept,

Fabulous paths open up with people who share ideas. Inspiration explodes and enthusiasm dominates.

If you have a quieter vision or need, all the more reason to listen to where that person wants to go before you jump on the bus. Well-planned launches do well.

Another dynamic night for fun, open minds and/or creative exchange.

The Chinese Year of the Rooster formally begins. In general, a Rooster year favors the leisure and entertainment industries. They tend to be dynamic, action years with plenty of distractions.

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