A Bright Idea

This is actually a sunny day, regardless of weather.

Connect with good people; even if remotely. Tremendous productivity can happen. This can be work-related, creative or recreation.

You would have to make an effort to be idle, because life captivates. If you feel low-energy or uninterested, then you need to reach out or check your health, because this day stimulates.

Most people feel very “on” and depending on the situation, dynamic, purposeful or playful. Situations work out to your advantage when you take responsibility for what is presented to you. The Leo Moon lends creative expression and is buttressed by other planetary pictures to produce results.

Find time to see a movie, play or enjoy some entertainment tonight. Game night with friends or a party can be lovely, but don’t be surprised if a challenge or commitment comes out of the gathering.

However it begins, today is not all play and no work.