ice-skatingA Brisk Moment

The absolute energy available this time of year invigorates. In the same way a brisk chill propels people to walk faster, there’s a cool objectivity that cuts through stagnancy.

The Sagittarius Sun gives a nudge as we slip towards winter: do this now— act on impulse —skate over it.

You may find an exuberance takes hold and perhaps an increase for risks. This wouldn’t be for anything imprudent, but take a chance for a cause or a passion.

Life can feel very vibrant and if it doesn’t, you want to get outside and change your environment. You can almost see the electrical currents that ignite when ideas are exchanged or people connect.

Find a gathering that energizes rather than incites.

There’s no point wasting perfectly good chi on someone who diametrically opposes your opinion. Find someone who leans towards a wide-open landscape and set out on a physical or verbal adventure.