fruit-breakfastA Commitment to Passion

Sometimes a task seems too big to take on, yet the tug compels.

To use a simple metaphor, don’t underestimate the value of a good breakfast and brisk exercise. Nourishing food and pure water give a person an edge. If you eat a doughnut and nothing else, the odds are that you’re not getting fed in a way that will sustain completion of a goal.

Yes, it takes more time to eat well and yes, digestion benefits when you eat without distractions.

It can be a challenge to fuel exuberance, if you don’t have easy access to the necessary support.

Whether it’s taking care of your body or tending a dream, find a way to feed it! You have to start with a foundation in order to launch into the big dream. Part of the fuel is to allow yourself time to vision.

Optimism strengthens when you give a goal life; toy with what it could look like, paint big strokes. Be protective of your dream — you don’t want to throw pearls before swine. Not everyone in your life is necessarily on the team of big changes.

When voices are loud and take a fever-pitch, it can seem as though there is no place for alternatives. Defeat seems inevitable when we look at big goals and see them as wispy dreams.

You want to stir up your passion and conviction. Purposeful people can seem driven. It is important to define and ally yourself with what matters most to you. Back to metaphors, make sure there is air in your tires and your car is fueled; you can go a long way when you are prepared to do so.

If you don’t make a commitment to your dream, no one else will. Surprising options can pop in when you give yourself that support.