walkOne Direction—

A clear path is cut and you are on it, until it forks and more than one choice beckons.

This can be extremely frustrating, because the desire to tackle it all can be strong.

Yet if you pile on the tasks, events and desires, you end up short-changed. A choice can feel limiting, or even a concession.

Let’s say you have eight things to do and one of them involves meeting someone. Unless that encounter helps to oil the wheel, you might push it back to another day.

It’s important to have pleasant moments, but not if they take you out of your way. Make a choice, otherwise it’s difficult to gain the momentum necessary to really make strides.

Even with a full schedule, give your body some physical release: exercise, stretch, dance or be intimate. It may seem like one more thing to do, but productivity increases when you take the time to give your body what it needs.