Balanced Path ©Cucinell 2010

Balanced Path ©Cucinell 2010

A Curious Path

Some days go wherever they will, without any particular rhyme or reason. That doesn’t mean it’s a wash, but it does mean that the less attached you are to the outcome, the more satisfying.

Even though you may have a big dream or adventure in mind, the path is all part of the picture.

A spiritual perspective is to value the journey as much as the arrival, perhaps more so. If you’re a very urban creature, observe your fellow pedestrians and the flash of movements on the roads. Listen for sounds both familiar and exceptional.

Regardless of your routine, give yourself a new perspective. Walk down another street. Don’t do anything radical, especially if shopping is involved, but keep an open mind if your schedule gets altered. If on the other hand, you’re a nature lover, get out in a landscape that speaks to you.

Give yourself time to wander and reflect without an agenda. This can be restorative when meetings get cancelled or plans change. Instead of ruing what did not happen, get outside and get curious.