A Day to Savor

It doesn’t matter if you are in a tropical climate with the taste of salt in the air, or if you’re in a snowy landscape, today is a day to savor. If your climate is northern, be sure to enjoy the fragrance of winter, even if it’s not your favorite season. Catch snowflakes on your tongue, strap on skates, stroll past pine trees, brew spiced tea or sip a full-bodied wine.

If you’r in the southern part of the world, feel the sun on your skin and the earth under your bare feet. Eat fruit and vegetables freshly harvested. Whatever your environment, be present in it. Touch fabrics, chew your food with care and look around you. Often times we don’t even see the nuance of light on the ground or colors of the buildings we pass. How well could you describe a walk down a block?

When you walk as a meditation, clear your head of thoughts and simply look at the world around you. The thoughts quickly return when you let them, but if you let yourself observe even for 10 minutes, it can be a wonderfully restorative tonic for your mind. You may notice something new even though you’ve passed it hundreds of times.

Set aside real time for at least one meal today. Eat somewhere pleasant and with company you enjoy. Whether or not you prepare the food yourself, let it be something that satisfies in the best possible way. I am not simply talking about savoring your meal, but this moment of your life.

Bon appetite!