roseA Delicious Desire

A delicious desire to float may derail your work or tasks. If you find yourself unable to concentrate, find a way to dive into the desire.

Meditation is perfect, a swim or dance break.

When life won’t give you a reprieve, even a few moments concentrating on your breath may be liberating. A walk to another room, a gaze out a window or a quick inversion if you can manage it, can help.

An envelope of Love is available, so let yourself connect with whomever you encounter. If they won’t or can’t engage, no loss. Those who do respond widen the vibration.

You certainly don’t want to connect with anyone who is unsafe or hurtful, but you can still send them Love from a safe distance. This is an exercise that quiets anxiety.

If there’s someone who pains you, either personally or because their way of being in the world is horrible to you— then send them Love.

It may sound absurd to you, but try it the next time you feel thwarted, helpless or victimized. Think of your nemesis and flood them with radiant pink light. Surround them with it until you see the bubble of light lift them up and float them far out of range.

This exercise brings a peaceful sensation, even if temporary.

Don’t be surprised if you feel great energy in the late evening; direct it towards something you’d like to make happen. Now may not be the time, but you can certainly draft out ideas.