The astronomers over at IAU have now decided Pluto is a “plutoid”, one of a bunch of rocky bodies beyond Neptune. Pluto was the god of the Underworld, and as we go deeper into understanding human unconsciousness, we ideally become more conscious. If we see Pluto transits and progressions as doorways to initiation, think of what the “plutoids” may bring us in awareness. Every time astronomers discover or label a body in our solar system it is an opportunity for astrologers to see the parallels in what’s going on here on Earth. Pluto is about to return to Sagittarius for one last pass, yet while still in Capricorn it has been re-classified.

This speaks of the pressure of defining oneself, one’s profession, declaring allegiance and gaining credibility which will increase as Pluto goes firmly into Capricorn in early 2009. I don’t know if Pluto will still be considered a “plutoid” in 2024 when it finally leaves Cap, but I do know this is only the beginning of the need to categorize and commit. Only structures that can bend and weather the changes will avoid reconstruction or destruction in the years ahead. Meanwhile, Pluto will continue to revolve around the Sun, unaffected by its category.