Turkey Mountain ©Cucinell 2010

Turkey Mountain ©Cucinell 2010

A Restless Spirit

A pilot light does not burst into a ring of flame without being fed. An idea can present itself, but without the tools or right direction, you can feel as though nothing comes together.

Frustration or a lack of enthusiasm is not helpful, so give yourself an option today that allows you a burst of energy.

Get outside, take a drive, enjoy your favorite exercise. If you do drive, make sure you’ve got directions and a full tank.

When you have the time to explore and get your heart pumped it feeds your spark of life. It is life-affirming to have a sense of your ability to move forward, especially when things seem stuck.

A break from routine helps to free you from the wait. If something has been “on hold”, you may not be able to make that shift, but you certainly can run in place.