In spring 2018, I taught a course on deep understanding and self-awareness through the Tarot. I will teach it again but I needed to put some space in between the work — here is why.

In short time I realized that my teaching rebooted my own Tarot journey experience. When one learns the Tarot Major Arcana step by step, daily events reflect the symbolism of the cards.

This can be fun and exciting at first, but as the cards progress into levels of great depth, one finds that they are “not in Kansas anymore”.

Life mirrors the meaning of the card as it is studied. When one realizes that, the learning deepens and perspective of life and reality changes.

As I developed the classes for cards 12 and 13, the Hanged One and Death respectively, I had a side dialogue in my brain. I continued to obsess over how my husband would retire. He had no plan, no exit strategy.

After 10 years overseeing the care of my parents and mother-in-law, I had no illusions of the ease nor financial stability of the aging process.

Yet the Hanged One reminds us to surrender. The ability to control our situation may comfort but it is a fragile illusion. As I contemplated and meditated on this card, I discarded the worry and abandoned the search for options. I no longer sought a solution. I believed one would come once I released my narrow perspective.

I realized this was not a problem I could solve. My husband had to initiate his retirement; he needed the inspiration and desire to make that shift.

I said a prayer and asked for a solution. I literally slept on it, having decided to float like a feather and trust the process.

Often when people encounter the Hanged One they are disturbed by the image. A natural instinct for many is to turn the card upside down. When this is done, the figure seems to dance a jig.

I recognize this symbol as an old friend who coaxes me out of my habit of perfection. This Tarot journey has taken me on quite a ride.

The next morning I awoke with a clear thought — we could move to Mexico!

My husband and his mother speak fluent Spanish and I get by. We would take her; she is our responsibility and unhappy in her assisted living situation. As a young woman, I had traveled through the Yucatan and I love the culture and country of Mexico.

I wandered out to the kitchen to make my morning tea. When I told my husband “we can move to Mexico” he told me I was crazy. Then I told him we would take his mother and he was sure I was crazy… loca!

24 hours later after researching the web links I’d sent him and googling on his own, he was ready to do an exploratory trip to Mexico.

Tarot cards can be powerful tools for manifestation. You can use them to move energy. This blog category Meditations on Moving, explores my relationship with the Tarot and my metaphysical perspective during profound changes in my life.


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