rainbowForecast 9/15

The Libra Moon supports partnership of any stripe, whether community, romantic or business.

If you’ve had to wrestle with how you approach people or have encountered resistance, you may find a sudden breakthrough or new venue opens up.

Come from a place of love, even when dealing with someone difficult, like an ex-spouse or adversary. If you can’t love and forgive the other person, start with yourself.

Often when we are tied up in a fraught discussion or negotiation, it is imperative to consider self-forgiveness. If you blame yourself for being in this situation in the first place, it may be hard to get to the other side.

On the other hand, if you’re in a convivial partnership, like a work project or party plans, expect sudden movement. Even if something changes that you counted on, a new option enters the scene.

Spontaneous efforts allow grand experiments that charm and delight. Surprise can move a mountain, no matter how entrenched.

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