faustA Volcanic Presence

About every 2.5 years, the planet Mars falls into direct line with Pluto from our perspective here on Earth.

Even if you had an incredibly powered telescope, Mars would simply obliterate any view of Pluto way in the distance.

Nonetheless, when this alignment occurs, a powerful undercurrent runs through conversations, exchanges, decisions, connections as well as the very Earth under your feet.

This can invite anger, rage, violence and manipulations — the news may erupt with even more volatility. How cataclysmic or effectual this current of energy is for you personally depends on your ability to harness it, as opposed to being undercut or thrown by it.

The red planet Mars shares the symbolism of the god of war and desire. Astrologers consider Pluto “the higher octave of Mars”, since its named after the god of transformation, wealth and death.

When these two planets share this configuration, many of us experience its power punch.

sundanceWhether you channel that energy, feel its impact or simply witness it, depends on circumstance and your personal horoscope. It doesn’t have to be dramatic.

You may simply sidestep it like a third rail, but if you choose to implement it you can explode the dynamics of possibility. What’s required is to accept your power and ride with it.

How do you know if you’re on board with this? You feel the need to take a stand or move with decisiveness. Things may happen very fast, like a local train that comes into the station and the conductor announces its now an express.

Either stay on or hop off, but whatever you do, be present and don’t look back.