BabyGirlForecast 7/31

Any communications are best done first thing; get important correspondence off your desk by mid-morning. This brings decisive and clear results. The moon is void of course/voc* at 10:47 a.m. ET through noon.

The Moon enters Libra at 12:09 p.m ET which may increase a desire to be social.

Mercury steps into Leo, shedding the undertow of old memories that have dominated the mind this summer. Now it may be easier to live in the moment as the childlike impulse to goof off bubbles up into conversation. There may be some initial resistance, depending on the rigidity of a pattern, but expect to hear more spontaneous suggestions for fun in the next few weeks.

Well-meant intentions may not be received as you’d hoped. Allow yourself to explore where any miscommunication occurred. Some things are rectifiable and some, hopelessly lost.

*in Virgo, the void-of-course is great for organizing, finessing a project or exercise routine and clearing out closets. What is something seemingly insignificant that you’d like to make time to do? This may be the perfect time for it.

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