Saturday 5/16 Inspired day – keep a notepad to capture the thoughts that grab you. Even though you might feel as though you could fly with an idea, reality bites.

This doesn’t mean you won’t pull it off… in time. But it does mean that whatever lights up inside of you will require responsibility and commitment to make happen. With Saturn turning direct today, thoughts of doing what’s necessary loom large.

Modern astrology deemed Uranus as the “ruler” of Aquarius, which fits the eccentricity, individualistic streak and tendency to rebel. But Aquarians do have their Saturn side (looking at a personal horoscope for an Aquarian helps determine whether s/he is a more Uranian Aquarian or Saturnine) But I digress.

The important piece is that Saturn is going direct under the emotional umbrella of Aquarius. So the ability to analyze and see the logic in the increase of commitment and responsibility will probably heighten its attraction for some people. To best utilize the day energetically, observe something you’d like to make happen. Consider ways you can execute it with your personal stamp on it.

Be prepared to work out the logistics with someone who doesn’t see your vision… right away. If you’re prepared to go the distance, you will get there.