courtesy of NASA

courtesy of NASA

Forecast 7/31

The Aquarius Full Moon occurs at 6:43 a.m. ET and may cause some to rise earlier than usual or reveal a rich dreamscape for those still asleep. This is the second full moon in July making it the rare “once in a blue moon”.

When the Aquarius Moon is lit by the Leo Sun, your hunger to create community is seeded through self-expression. This is catnip for the actor or leader who basks in the reflection of the audience; yet this Full Moon presents challenges.

Your need for recognition or to be of use in the greater whole may not be aligned with what is actually required or desired. There is a balance between the artist and the public or the child and his/her “village”.

child drawingThe artist who lacks the skills to interface with the “art world” or creates in a society that cannot relate to the work is doomed to obscurity. There might be an appreciation post-mortem, as the vogue changes or an agent enters who recognizes its value and has the ability to promote the oeuvre.

The child who makes no connections to a protector either fails to thrive or survives in spite of lack of support. In time, s/he may encounter a person or community that allows a reciprocal exchange; the wound may feel too deep for growth, yet metaphysics suggest that change is always possible.

If you feel a lack of support, either creatively or in love, use this Full Moon to intentionally aim for wholeness. A vision board can help remind you of what your goals are- paste pictures of what you’d like to obtain in a place you can see every day.

In the late morning, retrograde Venus slips back into Leo, which may signal the wish to return to the creative spark before you make the full-throttle commitment to a routine. In complement to the Full Moon, this can indicate that a relationship benefits from romantic play or a project has become stale and could use some fresh ideas.

Kate-WinsletThe Sabian Symbol** for this degree of the Aquarius Full Moon is “Beautifully gowned wax figures”. When you think of beautifully dressed figures, there is an appreciation for the art of style and elegance.

Yet “wax” distances itself from any human connection; these are eye candy, nothing more. To dress the human body is to create a distance from the common cord of physical characteristics we all share. We dress for comfort, warmth, protection but when “beautifully dressed”, we do so for convention, attention and self-expression.

To be “beautifully dressed” can be to consciously align oneself with a society or to set oneself apart from the masses.

The Aquarian energy can keep a distance and has a seemingly cold and objective perspective, yet it is the light of the Leo Sun that makes the moon full.

bolshevikThe Sabian Symbol** for the Leo Sun is “A Bolshevik propagandist”. This symbolizes the energy that lights the Aquarius Moon full of fire and conviction. Leo passion charges the classic objectivity of the Aquarius Moon; this can invigorate, stimulate and create a mandate for a cause.

What is it you need to run with and ignite? Where does your creative fire long to be?

What stage is the right setting for your passion?

Do you feel integrated in your community?

This Aquarius Full Moon follows the highly dynamic July 15 Cancer New Moon. Reflect on the past couple of weeks.

What have you put in action or what has presented itself? With Venus Retrograde, the time may not be right to launch a business, yet the opportunity to make strides can be very great.

Take in the promise and make one to yourself.