The 2/15 eclipse is personal if you’ve a planet or point around that degree. The eclipse occurs at 4:05 PM ET at 27° Aquarius 8″.

If you know the area of life triggered by Aquarius in your horoscope, that too may be of note. Pay attention to what happens; sometimes a flash of insight or inspiration is the crack that hatches the egg.

New moons signify new starts and eclipses create turning points. Whether we turn on the day or in 6 months is a question of timing, awareness and readiness. This eclipse has a big effect because it happens at the same degree of the USA moon.

This has happened before. Saros cycle eclipses happen roughly 18 years apart.

The last time this particular eclipse occurred was in 1999. That was the year of the Columbine Massacre. It was also the year an Egypt Airlines pilot intentionally crashed into Nantucket and an OK tornado brought unprecedented destruction. 1999 saw the finish of Clinton’s impeachment. These were several startling turning point events for the USA.

The time before that was 1980. The eclipse dovetailed with the birth of CNN, the first 24 hours news network and the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

In just those two historic years of this eclipse, you can see why this eclipse’s relationship to the USA chart is something to anticipate.

However, as I write this, another shooting at a school, with casualties larger than Columbine. Dare we hope this is a catalyst for change and not trite offers of “prayers and condolences”?

I’m not going to write about the chart for this massacre. We are in the Dark of Moon period which is a time to finish up, release and complete. The suspect has been apprehended so his story will be dismantled. I’ll wish on a star that this never happens again, but unless the US changes gun policies, it will.

As we move toward the New Moon, let this be a fresh start for our country to have dimensional conversations about gun laws. Otherwise every US school will have armed guards and children will grow up in a police state.

There will be something that occurs in the next 6 months that echos the themes that have occurred in the past with this eclipse cycle — we already have a shooting, may that be the only one. Natural disaster, political fallout and the effects of media are the others.

In the USA chart there is a need for the people to know, but a disconnect when it comes to taking responsibility for what they know. This particular eclipse triggers a possibility of greater responsibility, especially as the truth is revealed.

I only just realized that a MAJOR trigger that will occur on this eclipse is already known — the release of Black Panther. This is a media catalyst of historic proportions. It’s not hyperbole to say this film has the potential to change lives — it will.

When I saw the excellent retrospective of Kerry James Marshall’s work at the Met Breuer last year, I remember lifting my eyes from one of the portraits to register who was around me. I saw a young mother with two daughters gesture and speak softly with each other. There were many young adults, artists and students. Decidedly cool New Yorkers of various ages, all taking their time, savoring, studying the confrontative, masterful work.

My daughter and I were the only white people at that particular moment as far as I could see. It was not lost to me that I had never experienced that in the Met or any museum. I suddenly realized that the power of this exhibit was not just in the imagery but in what it created for its audience. I could only view Marshall’s work through my lens as a white person. It made me feel and think, but I was only a visitor.

It’s powerful to have someone with such skill and status speak for you, whether done in words, paint, sculpture, dance or film. I smiled at the young mother and her daughters, although they were too busy to notice me. Those girls were getting exposed to possibilities that their mother didn’t and she moved with a reverence that reflected that.

So for all the black and brown children and youth who see their mythology come alive on February 15, 2018 with this Solar Eclipse, there is no going back. The effects are absolute. Young boys and girls will imagine themselves heroes through someone who looks like them.

What others may dismiss as pure entertainment, feeds imagination and wonder. The Black Panther delivers a message of empowerment, possibilities, freedom, choices, heroism and courage. I’m ready for this to light hearts.

Whatever else may startle us today, may the film be pure joy and celebration.

The moon in a country’s horoscope reflects its people. So this film brings imagery and conversations that help stimulate honest discourse needed for true change.

For you personally, what do you want to initiate over the next year that brings you closer to your hopes and wishes? The bigger the dream, the more passionate the commitment.

oh! and if you’re interested in my course to develop your art of insight through tarot, it’s been pushed back to next week. May the eclipse brighten your path.