For the general forecast of Aries Mars Retrograde…

To see how Aries Mars Retrograde affects you, go to your Sun sign + your Rising Sign AKA Ascendant (if you know it) – the two in tandem provide more dimensional information. This Mars Retrograde period runs from September 9 through November 13, 2020. Keep in mind the weeks leading up to and succeeding this period may carry similar effects depending on your natal horoscope.

ARIES  You may feel like a ram on a train car; a lot of fiery energy held in check. You are moving forward but with restrictions.  Authority figures or power struggles squash your movements resulting in: one step forward, two steps back. You may encounter finger-pointing to declare you the instigator — don’t take the bait! You may need to lick your wounds and see where you can help. The reigns tighten towards the end of September; it may be helpful to see any delay as ways to ensure your best work. Avoid the trap of confrontation in October. You can meet strategic goals and achieve a sense of success by late November when you balance your passion with solid commitment. 

TAURUS Much as you’d like to keep a placid countenance, you seem unable to keep the peace. Others may see you as disruptive or wonder why you keep changing plans. This is not your usual MO, but things have been upside down for awhile. You may feel impatient at times and it’s important to develop flexibility. Not everyone has your back and you may be caught by surprise. You don’t have to play offense, just be sure you protect yourself. Legal situations can present new information when you go over contracts, which can include publishing. If you teach or study, you can find new ways to make that happen once resistance is released.

GEMINI You may be striving to realize your deepest wish, but have experienced limited resources. Although this seems as though it has gone on forever, this period presents a direction you’d not considered. Someone in your network comes back into focus of their own volition or can be revisited. Watch social media. This can lead to reassessments and support from a doorway that had been closed. As long as there is a conversation, there’s a possibility. Fire up your optimism. By the end of the retrograde the barricades start to lift and optimism soars. The turnaround can happen quickly as we approach the end of the year. Have your system in place to go the distance once the light turns green.

CANCER  Your career sprint or it may slow; whatever the velocity, there’s something that needs another look. It’s possible you’re been running on empty, if this is the case it’s best to consider ways you can recharge and still get work down. Often this has to do with delegating or farming out. If you take this time to reassess, your momentum gathers for when Mars is Direct. Otherwise you may have to switch gears in spite of your intentions. This period can also be a reckoning time in partnership or marriage. A defensive response is not your friend. If you’ve been driving towards an achievement, make sure you have the support required to go the distance. If you’ve been on a job-search, go back over roads that seemed to go nowhere because something may have been missed.


LEO If travel plans had changed for you, rebooking or planning may occupy your thoughts. This can be a good time to shop options, If you book, avoid doing so October 14-November 3 when Mercury is Retrograde (yes, Mercury stations on the day of the US Election, more on that to come). Leo writers benefit from editing and republishing. This can also be time to go over legal contracts. If you or a friend’s health has been less than stellar, research and study brings fresh perspective. Ease into any exercise or diet with care. Routines can help with consistent energy flow but its important to stick to the schedule, especially when it seems tough. It’s not how hard you work it, but listen to your body and you are consistent.

VIRGO This is so not the time for speculation, unless you are aiming for the long haul; investments slide. On the other hand, you can explore investment opportunities for the future. If romance feels stagnant this is the perfect time to experiment with ways to stoke desire. You may be focussed too much on pleasing your partner if you get no response. Self-intimacy can jump-start options and creativity.  If ways that you used to play have been curtailed, plan an activity at least once a week that can stimulate you. The retrograde may also awaken intuition and psychic messages.

LIBRA  It may seem as though arguments and disagreements have heightened over the past month. This is not your happy space. Whatever seemed to be the issue needs more exploration. Keep in mind that if someone seems to direct a lot of anger at you, it is valuable to see if you’ve got some dormant anger of your own. Librans do not usually like to own anger unless they can channel is as a force to wield justice. Anger can be useful when we dialogue with it and plan strategies for appropriate discharge. Not everyone deserves the benefit of your conversation. Sometimes they are simply a catalyst to perfect your art of persuasion. How much you engage with another depends on your expectations for the particular relationship. Regardless, real growth can accelerate at the retrograde’s end.

SCORPIO Tweak the exercise and your work routine, especially if you’ve felt limited in your ability to interface with community. There are ways to stimulate your brain and fire the muscles even though the old rituals are kaput. Many of us have to create new realities in order to respect the parameters of COVID-19. Because of your unflinching ability to see something as it is, you know the world has changed. You don’t like these changes since most are out of your control, but no one can shapeshift as well as a Scorpio. Once you accept the new landscape, you can forge infrastructures to facilitate transitions. You can use the retrograde period to come to terms with this and help those around you acclimate and adapt.  By mid November, all systems are “go” and your engine pulses forward with a new dynamic.

SAGITTARIUS An old flame may resurface and demand attention. However, there is a lot of baggage along with this entrance. Of course, reevaluation of the ghosts of loves past can be valuable to process. In some cases this can bring passion which may be welcome or disruptive depending on your present relationship status. Or you may reassess a desire that you’ve shelved, especially if it involves a creative art. You may restring a dusty guitar, audition in the community theater or open a box of paints. If you are motivated to do the work involved and plow through the hard bits, dormant talents reawaken. If you’ve been loathe to take on the responsibility of commitment while you cling to Peter Pan resistance, this period may demonstrate the value in expecting more from yourself. By late November only your dedication to it allows a passion to endure. 

CAPRICORN Ordinarily a home provides shelter and respite from the outside world, but the spring tightens and diminishes comfort. Your ability to recharge at home may be thwarted at present. Find ways to exercise if this has been denied you; youtube offers many options for small spaces. If you’ve been wanting to change locations, use this period to prepare. Even if a move is not the outcome, your home may experience a makeover. Clutter and stuff that prevents movement and fresh perspective is on its way out. Many households have occupants in temporary status and there may be people within your home that long to leave, if not you. Capricorns thrive on heading towards goals and if you’ve been derailed, start smaller DIY projects to stave off depression. Prepare for movement by the end of the year, or if you’re already on the journey, the tweaking involved enables strides at the year’s end.

AQUARIUS Powerful forces make you feel unable to move with the freedom you’d like. Although someone or something may prevent you from doing what you want when you’d like to do it, the real prevention comes from within you. You can gain awareness of deep parts of your unconscious that inhibit your freedom of movement and even success. This is not a quick fix exploration, but the retrograde period can awaken an awareness that allows a new orientation. This can be a time for therapeutic work, analysis of the past and even dream interpretation. It’s helpful to decipher what holds you back. Many times we think we’ve done the work and all is clear, but life presents us with continual opportunities for self-individuation when we pay attention. Writing or a journal can illuminate shadow enemies that block your brilliance. Write without censor and you can unlock the force that holds you back.

PISCES If you’ve been burning a hole in your shopping accounts, the retrograde slows the hemorrhage. In spite of the limitations of social gatherings, you can activate connections and find ways to meet; your choice. It’s also possible that it’s time to find a new fishbowl. Absence can crystallize whether our network of friends truly reflect the values you hold dear. Look into your heart to determine which friends are a fit and which ones have drifted away. You may seek a new network that shares ideals you’d like to emphasize after this time of reflection. Your ability to lighten another’s load is something you may want to strengthen now. Reach out to lift another up. Tighten your belt, limit spending but invest in overtures of love, connection and song. Once you start to make a difference through volunteering and/or reciprocal human connection, you are back in flow.

For the general forecast of Aries Mars Retrograde…