Earth Day 4/22 The morning begins with the last of the Pisces Moon, which may signify a desire to linger over breakfast. If someone reaches out to you, find time to respond. Or you may be the one with the impulse to connect. If you let the moment pass, it may not have the same sincere energy later.

Mars enter Aries this morning and you may experience the shift in gears as you or others around you, start moving…. fast. Try to get organized before 10:09 am ET when the moon blasts into Aries as well.

Earth Day events may have a passionate agenda. With the Aries Moon, expect confrontation and action. Awareness of the fragility of the planet has come a long way since I biked to Times Square to hear a Paul Winter concert. They had closed off the area to cars, but I remember as I stood there, that the beautiful day and powerful music couldn’t eradicate the toxicity of the air.

I realized I’d never “hung out” in Times Square with its canyons of tall buildings entrapping the heavy carbon monoxide residue. Even without cars it hung in the air; it must have been tough for the musicians. It was a relief to hop on my bike and turn on to 42nd street, heading to the river where a wider skyline awaited.

That was almost 20 years ago and with today’s Aries moon tipping towards the New Moon on Friday, we are being encouraged to finish up and plan. Think in terms of what you want to create and bring in with the next moon cycle. The Moon in Aries conjures an image of Diana, goddess of the hunt. This is not passive energy waiting to receive. If you’ve an idea or vision, get poised to launch it.