Katniss_EverdeenOn April 18, 2015, you may rise earlier than usual, especially if fire or air is strong in your natal horoscope (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius).

Sweep out the old and get poised for new beginnings. The Aries New Moon occurs at 2:57 p.m. ET.

Any New Moon aids in the implementation of goals through its gathering momentum, yet Aries is the first sign, so it adds extra punch. The New Moon in Aries supports moves that take courage.

Focus on beginnings that support individual self-expression. Aries symbolizes cars, vehicles, to set out as a pioneer, take the lead and not look back.

Solar System

Solar System

The Sabian Symbol** for the degree of this New Moon is “The Music Of The Spheres”.

The dictionary definition of “The Music Of The Spheres” is: A perfectly harmonious music thought by Pythagoras and later classical and medieval philosophers to be produced by the movement of celestial bodies but to be inaudible on the earth.       -American Heritage® Dictionary

To elaborate on this, give yourself moments for meditation. The ideal time to do so of course, is when the New Moon occurs, but this is not always convenient. Any time within the window of its opening 24 hours is good.

The Sabian Symbol** reminds us that the whispers of the movement of celestial bodies may be available in our deepest meditations.

When you allow yourself meditation moments, you actually give yourself more time; it’s a metaphysical conundrum. The ability to hold space actually slows down time and then you utilize it more effectively.

It’s not a mistake that this Sabian Symbol** is provided in the sign of Aries. Aries is hot, vibrant and action-oriented, yet this image is about the unwavering movement of planetary orbits, which dance and interrelate due to gravitational pull from the Sun.

All the planets in your horoscope symbolize pieces of your psyche. If you go within, your own psyche’s music is there to remind you of the steps you choose to take in this life. You come out of meditation with a clearer vision.

In the early 1900s. the “music of the spheres” inspired Gustav Holst to compose an orchestral suite of seven movements, each inspired by a planet’s astrology. Listen to hear the roots of many a successful sci-fi soundtrack. 

What steps are you about to take with this New Moon?

For those near Rye, NY, please join me at the New Moon Gathering on April 16. More information is here.

How to make the most out of a New Moon…

The ritual of an abundance check helps to channel that desire to “do something”- For abundance check information…

*Moon VOC/Void-of- Course… in Aries, do some movement- either exercise or walk… because frustration may be high. The desire to move forward is thwarted by the VOC. People can’t agree because everyone has a singular point-of-view and inability to compromise. If you’re going somewhere new make sure you have clear directions and a map because fast movement can miss turns.

** We are still in the process of understanding the Sabian symbols, which were channeled in 1925. The spiritualist astrologer Marc Edmund Jones, took Elsie Wheeler, a clairvoyant confined to a wheelchair to a San Diego park with a project. He put a symbol for each of the 360° of the zodiacal wheel on 360 cards. She proceeded to come up with visual phrases for each one of them. They were done in random order and they have a magic that is hard to decipher, yet feels totally right.

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