aries-ramAries New Moon 2016: April 7

The Aries New Moon at 7:24 AM ET is 18° Aries 04”.

In general, Aries supports any endeavor that puts you out front and center, whether it’s a new car, a personal goal or any form of unique self-expression. This New Moon provides a catalyst to review goals with fresh determination.

This is not the easiest process, as indicated by a strong influence of Pluto. You may be 100% certain of the path you plan to take, but unless you have the appropriate backup, that path may change. (We are also in the shadow of the upcoming Mars Retrograde on April 17 and Mars is the planet linked to Aries.)

The position of Uranus in Aries adds a wild card quality to this New Moon. A sudden upset or inspiration can sway even the most resolute. What is essential is to have the structure in place to enable follow-through.

This is not necessarily as simple as: do you have the finances to finish graduate school? You may have the money but lack the faith. Or perhaps you want a new job but are coping with a loss or setback; if your determination is clear, no odds can deter success.

On the other hand, a new revelation may sweep aside the preset course. Although a reorientation may be difficult, if your passion is ignited and your commitment absolute, you can start anew.

The important thing is to take some kind of action before late morning. Sometimes the best action is to let the ideas gestate over the next couple of days. Write a list of intentions and highlight a goal. For more about how to make the most of a New Moon 

flying-carpetThe Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is “The magic carpet”.

The beauty of this image is that a carpet is something underfoot. It can be a focal point for a well-designed room, a utilitarian covering to buffer noise, hide an unattractive floor and warm a room.

Unless it is stunningly beautiful, most of the time that there is activity in the room, the carpet is not the center of attention. Yet it creates a boundary and frames a space. A “magic carpet” has the ability to transport those who stand or sit on it to another place. It can fly in the air or simply shift its passengers to new location.

A ride on W@tercooler's Flying Carpet

A ride on W@tercooler’s Flying Carpet

This image reminds us that the impetus to move is strong, yet we need a frame on which to build. So whether it’s a message, business or new idea that bubbles up, be sure to give it a concrete base on which to stand.

It doesn’t matter if it’s far-fetched, inventive or “out of this world” as long as it’s got substance to it. It may not be today, but let the magic work through you so that your vision takes flight in some shape or form over the next couple of weeks.

An unexpected correspondence or action may trigger or escalate your conviction as to what is important. The moon goes void-of-course/VOC* at 10:56 AM ET and continues into tomorrow. Hold back on any immediate action and let your passion brew to a mellow understanding of the best step forward.

The ritual of an abundance check can help to channel that desire to “do something” at the New Moon- For abundance check information…

Here’s the link to be a part of the New Moon Gathering at Wainwright House on Wednesday, April 6

*Moon VOC/Void-of- Course… in Aries, do some movement- either exercise or walk… because frustration may be high. The desire to move forward is thwarted by the VOC. People can’t agree because everyone has a singular point-of-view and inability to compromise. If you’re going somewhere new make sure you have clear directions and a map because fast movement can miss turns. More about the Moon VOC