Aries New Moon 2017

Every New Moon offers a New Beginning, but the Aries New Moon ramps up the fresh start initiative.  The traditional practice of New Moon ritual can be found here

Aries is the first sign of the zodiacal wheel – which made perfect sense to the ancients as they observed how wild rams burst forth in spring with an instinctual fire to fight and triumph in their desire to procreate.

Yes, an Aries New Moon is fertile energy, but it also symbolizes the drive to succeed and be the first in whatever seeds your passion.

This particular Aries New Moon has a super-stellium in Aries: Venus (symbolizes love and money) the and the New Moon (emotional investment) coupled with the Sun (self-expression). In later degree Aries, Uranus (symbolizing change and the unexpected), Eris (a disruption to promote change) and Mercury (communication) indicate that the News, gossip and conversations may be the catalyst for what starts the action.

Since Venus is Retrograde, you may find that someone from the past or a forgotten wish is what precipitates movement. This is definitely the time to dust off that long-buried desire IF it continues to eat at you.

Only desires that you truly want will go the distance, so don’t waste your time with “this might be nice”. Put the yearning that you must make happen in this lifetime, front and center of your intentions.

When you do this, don’t worry about the HOW. Many opportunities will present themselves — your job will be to sift through to the one consistent with that primary intention. The more clear you are. the more inevitable the outcome.

The exact time of the Aries New Moon is March 27, 2017 at 10:57 PM ET.

The Sabian Symbol for 8° Aries New Moon is “A Large Woman’s Hat With Streamers Blown By An East Wind”. 

A hat emphasizes the head which is the part of the body linked to Aries. As the first sign, Aries emulates the most unique feature of a person — their face. The phase of life that mirrors Aries’ energy is the baby — it’s exuberance, it’s desire for instant gratification and to have it’s immediate needs met. A baby’s natural entrance into the world is head-first.

The “large woman’s hat” demands attention. It also covers and protects. The image is a bit ambiguous because it could mean a “large woman” or a large hat. I prefer to think it means the former; I picture a solid commanding woman with the chutzpah to carry off streamers well.

The East Wind symbolizes the verbal and written word. This image is goddess symbolism and suggests wealth in your words. You decide how you will spread this wealth, but consider ways to put your words into the world and call attention to your wisdom. Clarity of intention gets you there.

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