redford_ barefootForecast 3/30

The Aries New Moon kicks off dust and invites action.

The New Moon occurs at 2:45 p.m. ET and is pumped to beat the odds. Since Mars is retrograde, there is an extra need to rev up the forward motion.

It is not by accident that the New Moon occurs just shy of 10°Aries. This puts it in line with Uranus (planet of change and the unexpected). It is also in direct 90° angles to Pluto (transformation and power) and Jupiter (expansion).  This suggests power structures stretch beyond what they think capable; buttoned up types may take unprecedented leaps. Those wound too tight might unravel. Those holding too tightly to the status quo may break out.

This Aries New Moon lays out the seeds for the upcoming “cardinal alignment” preceded by the 4/14 Lunar Eclipse and followed by a Solar Eclipse… said simply: big stuff continues to brew and to build with long-range repercussions. I will write more about this next week.

Put some prayer time in your day because once again, this shows that whatever is begun now has a big impact on the world stage. What has special force is anything that is revisited, an initiative, an action plan or an act of aggression.

astrologerThe Sabain Symbol** for this New Moon is: “A man teaching new forms for old symbols”. 

I find this image particularly exciting because it suggests the impact that one single person has when reinterpreting an ancient concept. Because the outer planets, Uranus and Pluto are engaged in this New Moon, it sparks the energetic thrust that has been moving through our world since 2008.

Even though Aries is about a singular vision and an unwillingness to compromise, partnership is triggered by this New Moon. It isn’t easy, but it is available.

When “a man teaches” he must have a student. The teacher-student relationship must be egalitarian in the energetic format at play in this New Moon, whether between world leaders, spouses, co-workers, friends, lovers, parents and children.

The very dynamics of partnership may be part of the “new forms for old symbols”. Aries pumps an engine of passion into the possibilities, but this time it is enhanced when we can work it through relationship. You are welcome to vision about how this can benefit our greater world, but also how it can manifest more gracefully in your personal life.

Please join me at Wainwright House for the March 30 New Moon Gathering; if you email me your birthdate, time and place, I’ll talk specifically about where the new moon is a trigger for you this month.

If you’re interested in creating an Abundance Check practice, here’s the method….  

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