listeningForecast 9/14

The Gemini Moon comes in at 2:26 a.m. ET. A Venus/Pluto picture in mid-morning creates the need to relate deeply. Some people may also feel that money is a concern that deserves to be addressed.

This can be somewhat challenging with the wiry energy that the Gemini Moon lends, since conversations hop with an alacrity that may not seem to go the desired depth. This creates situations where someone may feel that they are not being heard. The key to fashioning a safety net is to collect information and repeat it back.

For instance, even though it may seem warranted, “NOW” is not always the best time to perform surgery. The patient deserves prep and thoughtful consideration for the right plan of action.

To listen is the other side of the Gemini. Take advantage of all the channels that are presented to you, but recognize that your power comes in interpretation.

Not all offers are going to work to your best advantage. Remember to keep a playful mood. Sometimes the most thoughtful conversation happens with someone with a humored outlook.

Great day for a lot of variables, time with children and learning experiences. There is a restlessness that can be appeased by continual stimuli.

For those local to Rye, NY- please visit the Wainwright House Health & Well Being Expo. I will be there to offer mini-sessions and samples of the courses I teach this autumn.

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