lilacbundleSunday 5/10 This is a lovely day for Mothers, especially if you can get outside. The Sagittarian moon suggests a need for justice, so if your relationship with mom is good, you will want her to know that.

If it’s not good, you may find it hard to keep your true feelings in check. But this can be beneficial if you listen as well as speak. Be aware the tendency to shoot one’s mouth off may magnify especially if you (or mom) have a propensity towards that behavior. Fortunately, a Venus Moon picture promotes a sense of well-being in relationship.

This occurs in the early afternoon ET, so if family relating is challenging, do your best and then you might want to call it an early day. Even if you are not celebrating Mother’s Day, make sure you spend time in nature. Sylvan and floral delights abound, so let yourself delve into the sheer pleasure of it.